New VC: Trembling Heart

New VC: Trembling Heart in ffbewotv, ex units, elsirelle, ahlim, grace, master ability update, seymore, yerma, phoebe, ffvi trials of reckoning, kefka.
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update 11/04/2022
New VC: Shivering Heart
Initial Release (JP, JST)2021 Dec 8
Initial Release (GL, PST)2022 Apr 13


Shivering Heart


Elsirelle Ahlim Grace

Master Ability 2

Yerma Yerma Seymore Phoebe

New VC Details

New VC: Shivering Heart

New EX Units

New VC: Shivering Heart

Story Update

New VC: Shivering Heart

Master Ability 2

Yerma Seymore Phoebe


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Nope. He's not.
Always go critical. +15 critical bonus and a potential of 34 in the straight critical stat for a ...
The idea behind Yuni is he’s a status causing archer (especially poison) who can also decre...
Got 1 recipe from wind tower, it won't craft. Where do you get the 2nd recipe?
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