Grace in War of the Visions: Fainal Fantasy Brave Exvius, Rating, Tier, Stats, Ability, Strategy.
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Global Exclusive Unit: Duane
update 23/03/2020
English (EN)Worshipper in White Grace
Japanese (日本語)白き光の礼拝者 祈り
RaritySSRJob 1White Mage
TypeLightJob 2Green Mage
AffiliationCrystal SanctumJob 3Lancer

Trust Master Reward

Master Ability

MAG+20%, Resistance to all attack types+10

Max Stats

TP154Magic 161

Stats Bonus on Ability Board

Starting AP+10
All Attack Types Res+10

Main job: White Mage abilities

ActionCureRestores a small amount of HP to a targetLv.1
ActionEsunaRemoves Poison・Darkness・Sleep・Silence・Paralysis・Confuse・Stone・Toad・Immobilize・Disable・Berserk・Stun from the targetLv.1
ReactionRegenerateHas a chance to apply Regen when receiving damageJobLv.3
ActionRaiseHas a chance to revive the target & restores very small HP to itJobLv.3
ActionShellApplies Shell (decreasing the amount of magic damage taken) to the targetJobLv.3
ActionProtect Applies Protect to the targetJobLv.3
SupportMarch of the SaintApplies Doom Immunity★3
ActionCuragaRestores moderate HP to allies in an area★5
ActionCuraRestores small HP to allies within area★6
ActionFull-LifeHas a chance to revive the target & restores full HP to it★6
ActionRegenApplies Regen to self and allies within area★6
ActionHolyDeals heavy Light magic damage to the target & sure hit & extra damage against Undead★6

Sub-job1: Green Mage

ActionSpeed UpIncreases SPD for the target for 3 turns★2
SupportHoly BlessingIncreases resistance to debuffs and magic damage★2
ActionRuinDeals moderate non-elemental magic damage to the target★3
ReactionDispel Counter Has a chance to remove buffs from the attacker when damage is taken★3
ActionDeshellDecreases Spirit for the units within area for 3 turns★3
SupportEmerald EchoIncreases the duration of buffs・debuffs you cast by 1 turn★5
ActionBarlightraIncreases light resistance for 3 turns to allies within area★5
ActionDeprotectDecreases DEF for 3 turns to units within area★6
ActionBarlightIncreases light resistance for 3 turns to allies within area★6

Sub-job2: Lancer

SupportLance Mastery (Spear Masterly)Increases Piercing ATK★4
ActionNighthawkDeals small damage to the target★4
ActionSharp Spear Increases ATK・Critical Rate for self for 3 turns★4
ActionShadowstickDeals moderate damage to units within area & has a chance to inflict Immobilize to them★4
ActionOblivion GlintDeals heavy damage to the target & piercing & increases own Critical Rate for 3 turns★5
ActionBlue PassionReduces AP for the target & piercing★6
ReactionCounter ThrustHas a chance to counterattack against physical attacks & piercing when damage is taken★6
SupportCritical MasteryIncreases Critical Rate★6
ActionBusrt SlashDeals moderate damage to the target & piercing & moves it 1 space away★6


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharmSlow


Awakening Materials
SoulFragments of the Will of LightAwoken Prism of LightFragments of the Will of RainbowPhantom Sphere of Sapphire
Awoken Soul of Light ★2


Awoken Soul of Light ★3


Awoken Soul of Light ★4


Awoken Soul of Light ★5


Awoken Soul of Light ★6



Limit Break

1stPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex1, Inori Fragmentsx20
2ndPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex1, Inori Fragmentsx40
3rdPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex2, Inori Fragmentsx80
4thPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex2, Inori Fragmentsx160
5thPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex3, Inori Fragmentsx200
TotalPhantom Sphere of Sapphirex9, Inori Fragmentsx500


Compared to Helena, i think she's better in durability. But for raids i prefer bring Helena since she has Imperil to lower enemy's elemental resistance.
I honestle think Grace should be rated lower. If you want to give her some kind of offensive skills she loses her ability to support however if you play her full support then she just floats about waiting to be useful, even worse if she runs out of TP
<< Anonymous
Aidoneus Reply
As long as you don't make the mistake of unlocking regen, her green mage subclass will boost vitality for four turns (w Emerald) on one character after another. Whole team gets faster and harder to hit.
Actually she is the best MR debuffer, healer and booster. since she has all resistance plus she can do both. The downside only is she has 3 move and speed isn't the best. But I would choose her over Fina or Macherie anytime since she is also tanky.

By the way anyone willing to explain Vitalize vs Haste who adds more speed :) ?
<< Anonymous
Aidoneus Reply
Haste adds more speed. Vitalize increases agility, so boosts evade and indirectly speed.
A far better Green mage than Helena for AI, and in general.

Reason being that she doesn't need to learn barlight, so she doesn't needlessly spam it. She goes straight into Vitalize, and debuffs. She is also better than Helena, because she has an innate CURE ability. Allowing her to heal outside the debuffs and buffs. Definitely utilize a Green Mage and Time Mage to super buff your dps in combat. It feels great with the combination of Haste/Vitalize.
My current main healer if I need one. Pretty tanky and good skill selection. Biggest draw back is not having an attack spell until holy in white mage tree. I usually have her on green while grinding easy content and switch back for anything challenging.
She should def be a S tier MR unit considering her only superior is the S tier UR we all know as Ayaka...
<< Anonymous(Louis)
H2O Water Reply
Nah, Helena will heal better and faster than Grace, though Grace has a better survivability.
I began using Macherie as my healer.....but realized that Grace seems to have a lot more skills and utility geared towards straight up healing and support....have put her on my team and never looked back!

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