New Unit: Sadali Crysthea

New Unit: Sadali Crysthea in ffbewotv, diamond mace, FFX guild raid, map changes.
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update 28/02/2022
New Unit: Sadali
Initial Release (JP, JST)2022 Mar 1
Initial Release (GL, PST)


Sadali Crysthea Diamond Mace

New Unit Details

New Unit: Sadali

Equipment Event

New Unit: Sadali

FFX Guild Raid

New Unit: Sadali

Map Change

New Unit: Sadali

New Event

New Unit: Sadali


Where is Agrias?
A new Heleno is born
A Mimir

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Additional party ability sucks but everything else...nice :).
Wait 4 years later, probably
This spear come along with oberon release. Just wait sometimes recipe appears on shop & whim...
Perhaps You need to lower her bravery 60 or lower. It work for me to prevent missile type unit to...
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