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update 22/04/2021
English Rain
Japanese燃えたつ心 レイン
Job 1Knight of Grandshelt
Job 2Red Mage
Job 3Knight
Time LimitedNo
Release Date (JP)March 2020
Release Date (GL)July 2020


Rain is a fire and magic based unit that can either be your designated magic tank, a magic damage dealer, or a breaker through his 3 different sub jobs and passives. His SPR Up Lv. 1 passive can be paired up with the other Knight of Grandshelt passive, Intensifying Power, to have a mix of defense while still being able to do damage, or it can be paired with Mages Protection / HP Up Lv. 1 for pure tank.

His Knight of Grandshelt main job are mostly good for its offensive skills, but are all magic based, which means that you need Crimson Saber to hit hard. Soul Prominence is quite strong if you take the passive skill to upgrade it, but its range is somewhat lacking, meanwhile Firaga has the range but quite expensive to use and slow casting time. Astral Guard from using his main job as sub job, however, is quite important and solidifies his role as a magic tank since he can raise hate through a self buff, and not an attack that requires AP.

Red Mage sub job comes with several spell options, which has casting time, but it can be worth bringing just for Jamming Thrust alone, since it's an instant magic based attack. On the other hand, Knight sub job skills are non magic based attacks that can lower enemy's stats, but all of them have a range of 1.

His EX upgrade is definitely quite strong and worth considering. SPR Up Lv. 1 will have an added effect of area attack resistance, Firaga no longer requires cast time, and his new skill, Amethyst Blaze, is an area attack that will decrease enemy's move by 1.

Trust Master Reward

Limit Burst

Shining Nova

Ability TypeLimitiBurst Limit Burst
Effect TypeMagic Magic
Attack TypeSlashing Slashing
ElementFire Fire
EffectDecreases fire attack res to the traget for 3 turns & deals fire magic damage to it consecutively
Height Range1
Height Area0

Master Ability

Own SPR+15

Master Ability 2

Fire Unit Allies Max HP+10% / Fire ATK+15, own Max HP+10% / Area Attack Resist+15


Lvl 99, All JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on Ability Board

Starting AP+2

Lvl 120, EX JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on EX Job Ability Board

MAG +10
AGI +2
DEX +11
Luck +11
Max Damage+2000
Max Level+21

EX Job Abilities

CommandFlaming ImpactDeals Fire Dmg (M) based on casters MAG stat & chance to inflict Slow for 3 turns.
CommandAmethyst BlazeDeals Dmg (M) based on casters MAG stat & Move-1 for 3 turns.
SupportKnight's PrideRaises SPR・Area Attack Res.

Job1: Knight of Grandshelt Abilities

Action FireDeals small Fire magic damage to the taregtLv.1
Action Power Break (Rain)Deals small magical damage to the target & reduces ATK for it for 3 turnsLv.1
Reaction CounterHas a chance to counterattack when receiving damageJobLv.3
Support SPR Up Lv. 1Increases SPR JobLv.3
Action Astral GuardForms a barrier that reduces magical damage for 3 turns& increases enmityJobLv.3
Action UndermineDeals small magical damage to the target & decreases ATK, MAG, DEF, SPR for it for 3 turnsJobLv.5
Support Intensifying PowerIncreases MAG & enhances Sould ProminenceJobLv.5
Action Blazing PhysiqueIncreases Ice Attack Res & grants Poison, Blind, Petrify immunity for self for 3 turns★6
Action Soul ProminenceDeals moderate fire magical damage to the target 3 times★6
Action FiragaDeals moderate Fire magic damage to units within area★6 & JobLv.12

Job2: Red Mage Abilities

Support Initial AP Up Lv.1Raises initial AP.★2&JobLv.3
Action CuraRestores small HP to allies within area★2&JobLv.3
Action FiraDeals moderate Fire magic damage to units within area★3&JobLv.3
Reaction Magic ReflexHas a chance to evade magic attacks★3&JobLv.5
Action EsunaRemoves Poison・Darkness・Sleep・Silence・Paralysis・Confuse・Stone・Toad・Immobilize・Disable・Berserk・Stun from the target★3&JobLv.5
Support Mages ProtectionIncreases Magic Resistance★5
Action Jamming ThrustDeals heavy magic damage to the target & prevents the target from casting an ability★5 & JobLv.12
Action SleepHas a chance to inflict Sleep to the target for 3 turns★6

Job3: Knight Abilities

Action Divine HealIncreases own Max HP for 3turns & restores that amout of HP★4
Action Power BreakDeals small damage to units within area & decreases ATK for them for 3 turns★4
Support Sacred BoonIncreases debuff resistance★4
Action Arm BreakDeals moderate damage to the target & has a chance to inflict Disabled ★5
Action AP BreakDecreases AP for the target★5 & JobLv.12
Action Magic BreakDeals small damage to targets in an area & decreases MGK for them for 3 turns★6
Support Max HP+ Lv1Increases Max HP★6
Action Speed BreakDeals small damage to units within area & decreases SPD for 3 turns to them★6
Reaction Sword GuardReduces the amout of damage when damage is taken★6


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharmSlow


Awakening Materials
SoulFire Fragment of ThoughtFire Awakening PrismRainbow Fragment of ThoughtRainbow Vision Sphere
Fire Awakening Soul 2★


Fire Awakening Soul 3★


Fire Awakening Soul 4★


Fire Awakening Soul 5★


Fire Awakening Soul 6★



Limit Break

Limit BreakRainbow Vision SphereShard



Hot New Top
Best vision card for rain?
<< Anonymous(Graveinvite)
Kylon Reply
Trousseau could also be good depending on team whether magic or slash is doing more damage
<< Anonymous(Kylon)
Anonymous Reply
Wouldn’t use golem generally, maybe the 15 def/spirit rare vision card instead for tankability. Or the MR agi slash attack card for soul prominence and turn frequency
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Encounter of Heroes bruh
<< Anonymous
You_got_her Reply
Encounter of heroes (Rain exclusive Vision), that vision 100% exclusively designed for him.
For slash resist you can use "Solidus, hourne first division" Vision on other mage, or you can use it directly on rain.
For magic resist you can use his passive, rain SPR stat already high enough 36-40 (using passive skill spr up) even higher if you use his own TMR ~54-56.
What's the best subjob to use?
<< Anonymous(Jono)
Anonymous Reply
Knight of Grandshelt because it has the hate generation from astral guard. If you are using him as a main tank, better go with knight of Grandshelt.
Best build for rain? Just got him and I dont have an idea how to build him haha
<< Anonymous(Mon)
Anonymous Reply
I use the Crimson Saber I got with the Sprouts of Devouring medals a Few weeks back. Use Shiva, Ramuh, Or Diabolos for a Magic Esper. The VC I use is Bringers Of Shadow, That gives Magic Attack Up for fire Units. I maxed out and used his TMR cuz the Spirit it gives is high. And the New Pod accessory in the Nier Automata collab for Agility
<< Anonymous(Mon)
Anonymous Reply
Yes,crimson saber for his weapon or any weapon might suffice if just for tanking magic. Sub Grandshelt for tanking, sub red mage for magic bruiser. Go for any magic esper for attacking or mog esper for tanking magic.
finally the boi's ex job is here
Yes, Rain is weak fanboys, stop crying.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You are probably the same jack wagon who says Duane is weak too. Do your research bro.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is like dudes who brag about the battery and specs on their chinese smartphone but need an hour to install a game or an app with multiple workarounds

Or dudes who try too hard to assert you can play games on linux
What he is? Magic tanker? Magic DPS? Can I replace my mage for him?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I pulled Rain and Mediena, and a i have a 4 stars Ayaka. I can max awaken only 2 of this 3. What do you suggest?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you need a magic tank, do Rain. Otherwise, go Mediena for dps; she has more AOE skills and DPS. Also, try to max awaken Ayaka as she would probably be most helpful in healing your team for future events etc.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mediena was great in March. In the modern world, Rain is much better. Mediena is basically useless except for farming.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
elsewhere was said rain is only good at killing ice units, where others have more general utility, after lard rain is probably out for pasture
Also at this point medi is for glass cannon lowbies in guild war
Should be S tier. Can be built for damage, physical tank, magic tank, chain spam, support - you name it. Useful for story, PvP, raids, challenge content, tower. Probably one of the most versatile units in the game.

What is the reasoning for putting him in A?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
tier list is kind of messed up bc even among fire delita and the fire gunner are both ranked higher... any reason I can think of applies to others, but maybe the meta is moving toward strike and pierce
<< Anonymous
Kylon Reply
Rain isn’t that capable of physically tanking, kinda need more defense or resists for that
<< Anonymous
Kylon Reply
Rain isn’t that capable of physically tanking, kinda need more defense or resists for that
<< Anonymous(Kylon)
Kylon Reply
Sorry, double posted and cut off message, agree Rain is highly versatile and useful and should be rated S teir, can reduce fire resist, slash chain, magic tank (useful TMR too) and still deal out damage or raid. Not fast, but not overly sluggish either.
Should Rain faith be high or low?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
High, because he mostly do magic damage
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also, he has spirit to reduce magic damage significantly, only spirit piercing magic attacks would do significant damage to Rain, and at that point doing more magic damage would probably be more helpful than taking less magic damage
Rain an A rank?
What tanks more? 15 sprit from SPR UP or 15 magic resistence?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They reduce the same percent of dmg, but work differently. Spr reduces all magic dmg while magic resist only reduce magical attacks.
Rain is easily one of the strongest units in this game. Excels in duels as a tank, raids as a magic damager and other aspects of PVE as a decent healer. Strong Limit Burst with Shining Nova. Decent amount of Initial AP. Can be a secondary tank and healer. Can generate hate to support the main DPS. Has Speed Break and a 3 hit Soul Prominence. Sword Guard adds to his survivability and all his support abilities are very good depending on the situation which is a positive problem that you can only equip 2. If only his move and jump is higher but what more can I say, you can't have it all.
<< Anonymous(Rhenzokuken)
Anonymous Reply
true Rain excels in this game has self imperil than can boost his damage and can be tank as well, he is a true SS tier but this page only look at PvP units i guess
Wol or rain who is the better tank asides Engelbert i have two accs. Picking 1 to be the main
<< Anonymous(Unknown)
Anonymous Reply
If you already have Engelbear, Rain will be better choice and element-wise.
<< Anonymous
Unknown Reply
The game actually trolled me in my rain account it suddenly gave me wol now i am panicking since i don't have time to get his shards anymore
<< Anonymous(Unknown)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, only 1 week left. But LB3 WoL already better than level 99 mont imo..

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