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New UR Unit: Rairyuu (Halloween)
update 27/03/2020

2020 October

2020 September

2020 August

2020 July

2020 May

EventSchedule (JST)
FFT Collaboration Event (Global)
~ 17:59, 5/12
New Units: Kitone & Whisper
~5/12 & 19
4M Downloads Celebration Campaign
~ 5/12
JP Reward Quest
~ 17:59, 5/12
2020 May Login Bonus & Monthly Missions (Global)~ 23:59, 5/31

2020 April

3M Downloads Celebration Campaign (Global)
FFT Collaboration Event (Global)
2M Downloads Celebration Part I (Global)
New Units & Vision Card: Yerma, Nasha & Ramuh (GL)
The Admirable Prince Event Quest (Global)
New Units & Vision Card: Frederika, Shadowlynx, and Shiva
Equipment Training Quest: Ras Algethi & Sasuke's Katana
2020 April Login Bonus & Monthly Missions (Global)
1 Million Downloads Celebration

2020 March


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I don't understand how this job work. It said its skill's attack type is slash, but D...
Guild Name: Shadowclaw Guild ID: 3470380775 Statues: 5/4+/5/5 Current Rank: Platinum III Curr...
So is this only available from the raid shop?
Goes from 10% to 20% at max level.
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