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update 27/03/2020

2020 November

2020 October

(Only Little Leela Halloween has been added to the GL server).

(Only Rairyuu Halloween has been added to the GL server).

2020 September

2020 August

2020 July

2020 May

EventSchedule (JST)
FFT Collaboration Event (Global)
~ 17:59, 5/12
New Units: Kitone & Whisper
~5/12 & 19
4M Downloads Celebration Campaign
~ 5/12
JP Reward Quest
~ 17:59, 5/12
2020 May Login Bonus & Monthly Missions (Global)~ 23:59, 5/31

2020 April

3M Downloads Celebration Campaign (Global)
FFT Collaboration Event (Global)
2M Downloads Celebration Part I (Global)
New Units & Vision Card: Yerma, Nasha & Ramuh (GL)
The Admirable Prince Event Quest (Global)
New Units & Vision Card: Frederika, Shadowlynx, and Shiva
Equipment Training Quest: Ras Algethi & Sasuke's Katana
2020 April Login Bonus & Monthly Missions (Global)
1 Million Downloads Celebration

2020 March


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Her skills mostly target single enemy, better save for elena
Skip it is. Thanks.
does this vc reduces Garvall's only weakness?
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