Tower of Visions

tower of visions in ffbewotv, porcelain tower, 1.5 anniversary, mr+ guaranteed 10x summon ticket.
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update 30/09/2021

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Tower of Visions
Initial Release (JP, JST)
Initial Release (GL, PST)2021 Sep 29 ~ 2021 Oct 12


Tower of Visions is similar to the usual Porcelain Tower event, except it has different enemies and only 20 floors + 2 EX floors.

Crimson Saber is also not available in the event's mog shop, so the rewards are mostly visiores, summon tickets, and other materials.

Enemies in floor 1~10 are fairly easy to do in full auto, but floor 11+ are filled with enemies that have high resistances to most things except their elemental counterpart and 1 attack type weakness.



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Sok sok an komen campuran. Jijik
Diablo only 30% MaG Up not 50%
looks like a miss but whatevs. you get the unit lol
Ranell 5
same, damn
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