New VCs: Ahriman Gold & Lich (+esper)

Ahriman Gold in ffbewotv, lich vision card, lich esper, elafikeras raid.
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update 03/09/2021
New VCs: Gold Ahriman & Lich (+esper)
Initial Release (JP, JST)2021 Sep 8
Initial Release (GL, PST)


Ahriman Gold Ahriman Gold Immortal Rotten King Lich Lich Lu・cia Lilyth Sosha Chocobo

VC Details

New VCs: Gold Ahriman & Lich (+esper)
New VCs: Gold Ahriman & Lich (+esper)

Elafikeras Raid Boss Event

New VCs: Gold Ahriman & Lich (+esper)


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Ribbon 11
Any other equips with evasion stats?
Seiten 2
i crafted the magic, kinda want the crit, what a drag to farm another one. I hate gumi, why make ...
It’s made for Hallo Fred but notice that there is 2 earth hallo units so It’s cool
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