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update 18/08/2021
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What is Another Story?

Another Story Guide 2

"Another Story" is a new form of permanent content, similar to Selection Quests". The story is separate from the main storyline and features new characters, making it easy to follow as standalone content.

Another Story is available in the "Farplanes" in the usual "Events" section and does not have any unit limitations, unlike Selection Quests, except for certain important quests.

Warrior of the Crystals

Another Story Guide 3
New Content: Another Story - Warrior of the Crystals

This is the first one that is released, and only the first chapter is out on August 17th, 2021 (JP). A new chapter is planned to be released monthly for a total of 5 chapters.

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Clearing the first mission gives the unit Lucio as a reward, as well as his shards from the mission rewards. Clearing the entire first chapter gives a total of 600 shards.

Lucio is the main protagonist of this story, a Light bruiser/tank that will get a unique passive by progressing with the main story, allowing him to change one of his attack move from Slash to a Pierce or a Strike type attack.

Another Story Guide 5
Another Story Guide 5

The last mission for the first chapter gives the last 150 shards and is a solo fight, so you'll have to raise Lucio to clear it.

3000 or More Dmg with a Single Attack

Another Story Guide 5

This is one of the missions in scene 1 battle 10 where you can get the last 100 shards so you can max Limit Break Lucio in order to reach level 99. Long-time players with high-level setups will have an easy time with this, but this section is more towards newer players.

This can be a big wall for new players since it will depend on the equipment/esper/VC that you have available. But first and foremost, you'll need to max out his level, jobs, and abilities, ideally the weapon proficiency as well. Esper resonance is optional, but it can help if you have a strong esper.

Increasing his job levels and picking up the nodes gives him some additional stats, which will help increase his damage dealt.

Lucio's Strongest Combo

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From Lucio's abilities, his strongest attack combo is by using "Luminescent Arc" to increase Crit Damage dealt-> "Store" (from Monk sub job) to increase ATK -> then finally "Scintillating Edge" since it has a guaranteed Crit chance.

In order to get "Luminescent Arc", you have to beat the quest at least once. Without focusing on the missions, use whatever you have to at least beat the fight once so you can unlock the skill.

Since Ochu has negative Pierce resistance, using "Tri-Calibration: Pierce" to change Lucio's "Tri-Slasher" into Pierce attack type will theoretically deal more damage. But this relies quite heavily on the number of crits he will get from the 3 hits, which is quite a gamble.

If you can't deal 3000+ damage from "Scintillating Edge" after the 2 buffs, then it simply means that your Lucio is lacking some ATK. This is where equipments, VC, and espers come in, and also the struggle for new players.

Increasing Lucio's Damage

Lucio Spine Blade

Spine Blade is the event sword that's released with Another Story content, and it works just fine at +3/4.

As for armor or accessory, armor isn't necessary to win the fight so you can equip any accessory that can increase damage.

Iron Giant Carbuncle Odin Ochu

Since Ochu is Earth element and Plant-type, you can use some killers/eaters that you have available for some easy damage increase. Malboro esper has both Earth and Plant killer nodes, but it's not exactly worth levelling them up just for this mission alone since it requires a lot of resources. Espers like Iron Giant, Carbuncle, or Odin that give generic nodes like Slash attack up or Light attack up gives more value since they will still be effective outside of this fight.

If you're close to dealing 3000 damage, you can increase the esper resonance level so you get more stats from the esper.

Admirers Rivalry Howl of Ferocious Blaze, Ifrit Echoing Screams Metal Daemon, Iron Giant Dashing Over a Snowy Field

Similarly, it's better to go for VCs that give some damage boost that will also be useful outside of the fight, but Admirers Rivalry can work if it happens to be your highest level VC.


Another Story Guide 7

If you are just shy of 3000 damage, you can get some easy ATK increase by using items. Hero Drink and Strength Potion can randomly appear in the shop. You can update the list with visiores, but since there is no rush to complete the mission, you can check the shop after every reset.


Another Story Guide 8

If you have a strong esper, you can simply level them up and pick up their Evocation Magic nodes. Doing this way means that you don't have to rely so much on your gears, but you still need enough to at least be able to win the fight. Once you're in battle, build up the esper gauge by attacking and use it when it's full.

Ochu is weak to Wind element, so you can use espers like Tetra Sylphid, Typhon, or Malboro. If you only have Lightning element, then you can use the esper attack on Tyrrell.


How to get him to 120?
I cannot win his weapon ex-quest
Hi Bravery is super important. That was the difference for me. Stick him the barracks at least until 70 Bravery.
how do we beat the final level? we can't equip yuna tmr for healing, so how do we do it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Whole message wouldn't fit so here's a screen shot of my tips to my guildies. Should be able to sub kains helm for anything with agi up
Thank you!!
I was able to complete the last two challenges with +4 engine blade, max res lv80 iron giant, lv55 clairvoyant astrologer. Was going to use ifrit, but ast gave a bit more atk. No potion was necessary. Tri-pierce gave me the 3k+ damage. I did not have scintillating edge leveled, and it only showed 2.2k damage. Not sure how much the increase would be plus crit.
can u show me about how to deals 3000 dmg in single attack in the last scene of chapter1, my lucio in a max equipment still don't get that mission any times
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anonymous Reply
What was your vc card, esper and weapon build?
<< Anonymous(fyne)
Anonymous Reply
increase bravery to at least 80+, increase weapon proficiency to at least B rate, use and unlock nodes with slash attack up+ or attack up+ on esper, increase resonance with esper to at least 5, change to monk sub-job, use "store" buff skill. Most things can be done with skip ticket. Of course, you can also max all this to be more stronger. Other way, use lightning esper summon (ramuh) on tyrell.
<< Anonymous
Uroucyon_GameA Reply
i didn't think attacking tyrrell will work, but that definitely sounds doable too lol.
<< Anonymous(fyne)
SpiritOfTheEnd Reply
I maxed out all abilities, got up to lv 89 with Monk subjob. Equipment: Sword of Light +2, Brigandine armor, and Adamantine Ornament for the extra ATK.
Chocobo esper at max lv, with all ATK Up +% and Earth Eater +% nodes, with maxed Hourne Castle VC.
831 ATK & 52 Bravery.
Used buffs for 2 turns, then Luminescent Arc, Store, and finally Scintillating Edge. Got up to 3,300 dmg.
Hope that helps!

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