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can u show me about how to deals 3000 dmg in single attack in the last scene of chapter1, my lucio in a max equipment still don't get that mission any times
Same, ive try with max damage odin and it didn’t work
Yeah, I’ve literally only gotten to just over 2k with all of his skills maxed.
Use his pasive to change the atribute of his attack to pierce, and second job monk to use the attack buff skill
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What was your vc card, esper and weapon build?
increase bravery to at least 80+, increase weapon proficiency to at least B rate, use and unlock nodes with slash attack up+ or attack up+ on esper, increase resonance with esper to at least 5, change to monk sub-job, use "store" buff skill. Most things can be done with skip ticket. Of course, you can also max all this to be more stronger. Other way, use lightning esper summon (ramuh) on tyrell.
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i didn't think attacking tyrrell will work, but that definitely sounds doable too lol.
I maxed out all abilities, got up to lv 89 with Monk subjob. Equipment: Sword of Light +2, Brigandine armor, and Adamantine Ornament for the extra ATK.
Chocobo esper at max lv, with all ATK Up +% and Earth Eater +% nodes, with maxed Hourne Castle VC.
831 ATK & 52 Bravery.
Used buffs for 2 turns, then Luminescent Arc, Store, and finally Scintillating Edge. Got up to 3,300 dmg.
Hope that helps!


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