Vision Card Sub Slot System

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update 15/11/2021

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Vision Card Sub Slot System
Initial Release (JP, JST)2021 Nov 14
Initial Release (GL, PST)

How it works

Vision Card Sub Slot System

VC sub-slot is automatically unlocked when a unit is level 99 or higher.

Vision Card Sub Slot System

A Vision Card equipped in the sub-slot will only give a portion of the stats, party effects, and unit effects, as well as lowered cost.

All of the effects in the sub-slot will stack with the main slot, but if the effects are similar with another VC from another character, only the highest values will be applied.

Vision Card Sub Slot System

If the 2 equipped VCs have abilities, both will be usable during battle. However, the ability of the VC equipped in the sub-slot will only be usable if the VC is level 99.

Reduced Amounts

Vision Card Sub Slot System

The amount of stats and effects obtained from the sub-VCs varies. For a lot of the powerful ones, only about 1/3 are obtained. Stats aren't always reduced through percentages since some of them can end up becoming +0 if used in the sub-slot.

Vision Card Sub Slot System

Certain effects like JP increase up or Damage Limit up aren't reduced, while certain effects like Acquired AP up aren't reduced as much.

Negative effects like the ones from Metal Daemon, Iron Giant or Instantaneous 1,000 Needles, Cactuar will also get reduced.

Will be updated when more information is available.


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