Fryevia unit in wotvffbe. Stats, limit burst, master ability, jobs, skills, trust master reward, and resistances.
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update 01/07/2020
EnglishElegant Spellblade Fryevia
Job 1Spellblade
Job 2Green Mage
Job 3White Mage
Time LimitedYes
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (GL)July 2020

Trust Master Reward

Limit Burst

Ability Type Limit Burst
Effect TypeMagic Magic
Attack TypeMagic Magic
ElementIce Ice
EffectDeals Dmg (L) to targets within range based on caster's MAG stat & lowers own AP consumption for 3 turns.

Range Height1
Area Height0

Max EffectDmg Multiplier: 200%, AP Consumption-40

Useful Link: Ability Guide

Master Ability

HP+10%, Magic Attack Res+10%

Max Stats

Lvl 99 & All Job Lvl Max


Stats Bonus on Ability Board

Starting AP+6

Spellblade Main Commands

CommandBlizzard BladeDeals Ice Dmg (S) to target based on caster's MAG stat & bestows Wind Eater.
CommandBlizzaga BladeDeals Ice Dmg (L) to targets within range based on caster's MAG stat & bestows Wind Eater.
CommandSilence BladeDeals Dmg (M) to target based on caster's MAG stat & chance of inflicting Silence for 3 turns.
CommandBio BladeDeals Dmg (M) to target based on caster's MAG stat & chance of inflicting Poison for 3 turns.
CommandChicken BladeDeals Dmg (M) to target based on caster's MAG stat & chance of lowering Bravery.
CommandMagic BarrierBestows a barrier on self that reduces Magic Dmg (3 times).

Spellblade Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

CommandResist MagicRaises Magic Attack Res of allies within area around self for 3 turns.
CommandTaunting SpellDeals Dmg (S) to targets within range based on caster's MAG stat & increases chance of being targeted for 3 turns.
ReactionMagic GuardChance of damage reduction when taking Magic Attack Dmg.
SupportProvidence of WindRaises Magic Attack Res/Wind Res.

Green Mage Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

SupportSaviors ProtectionRaises Debuff Res/Magic Attack Res.
SupportEmerald EchoIncreases effect duration of Buffs/Debuffs cast by self by 1 turn.
ReactionDispel Counter Removes all Buffs from enemy when taking Dmg.
CommandBarblizzardRaises Ice Res of allies within range for 3 turns.
CommandRuinDeals Non-Elemental Dmg (M) to target based on caster's MAG stat.
CommandDeshellLowers SPR for targets within range for 3 turns.
CommandVitalizeRaises target's AGI for 3 turns.
CommandDeprotectLowers DEF of targets within range for 3 turns.
CommandBarblizzaraRaises Ice Res of allies within range for 3 turns.

White Mage Sub Commands & Support/Reaction Abilities

CommandProtectBestows Protect on ally for 3 turns.
CommandRaiseChance of recovering target from KO status and recovering HP (Min).
CommandCuraRecovers HP (S) of allies within range.
CommandShellBestows Shell on ally for 3 turns.
CommandCuradaRecovers Target's HP (M).
CommandEsunaRemoves Poison, Blind, Sleep, Silence, Paralysis, Confusion, Petrify, Toad, Immobilize, Disable, Berserk, and Stun from target.
CommandCureRecovers target's HP (S).
ReactionRegeneratorChance of bestowing Regen on self for 3 turns when taking Dmg.
SupportMarch of the SaintsNullifies Doom.
CommandFull-LifeChance of recovering target from KO status and fully recovering HP.


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharmSlow


Awakening Materials
SoulIce Fragment of ThoughtIce Awakening PrismRainbow Fragment of ThoughtRainbow Vision Sphere
Ice Awakening Soul2★


Ice Awakening Soul3★


Ice Awakening Soul4★


Ice Awakening Soul5★


Ice Awakening Soul6★



Limit Break

Limit BreakRainbow Vision SphereShard


Hot New Top
So it seems most of you think white mage sub class is the way to go or nah?
<< Anonymous
C3PhO Reply
Spell Blade sub is safest. White Mage is cool if you want a little heal/support in your back pocket. The Resist Magic ability from her sub gives her more magic damage resist than the Magic Barrier ability if you give her Providence of Wind and Saviors Protection.
<< Anonymous(C3PhO)
Anonymous Reply
Cool thanks
Shards soooo scarce than FFT limited units, ughhhh.. At least you can get 80 Ramza shards from reward and bingo, 40 Orlandeau shards from missions.. But this! Only from vis consumption and chocobo expedition that hardly drop :/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ah, also you can trade Orlandu and Ramza shards with medal event..... Damn gumii
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The hardest limited unit to MLB I guess
To bad that you can't get her shard anymore (
What sucks is that the developers know her full life skill doesn't work and have not done anything about it.
<< Anonymous
Ron Reply
if I don't have the dream sword. Which would be more recommendable for dario's or Adelard's tmr?
<< Anonymous(Templadk)
Anonymous Reply
Nagnarok will be back during FFT part 2.
This unit is pretty much under hyped as she doesn't have any uses currently with the physical slash/missile meta this early in the GL(global) server and people disliking that she's limited. Most people are investing into raw physical damage this early in game since it's easier to 🔥 with no one having access to good physical armor with high def. However once physical resistance tanks with high def becomes the meta those physical slash/missile attack will do 0-100 damage on enemies with around 5k HP. People will need to start to switch over to magic attacks and Fryevia will shine as a tanky spell blade with green/white mage sub jobs that supports/revives/heals her team from the back while being able to cause magical slash damage to anyone who gets near. Her downside currently is sustainability due to the fact that she only has access to heavy armor this early in GL. So people using Fryevia currently are running around with no armor/weak armor in PvP, that's why people think they're not tanky. Currently only gold and mythril armor (with a few TMRs) are available for her, however, later on she will have access to WoL's armor which will be able to add +8% resistance to magic and give her def/spr for physical/magical attacks and better TMRs. Being a support tank also means more investments since supports have way more casting skills than attackers and their resistance needs to be built with good/high lv espers, vision cards, armor, and accessories to be viable as compared to an attacker roles which only needs to focus on high raw attack/magic which could be easily obtained from a +5 assault/magic weapon. Most of her casting skills currently haven't reached lv 20 yet so we won't know Fryevia's full potential in GL until a month or two more since she's time consuming to build as tanky spell blade with green/white mage sub job and GL still stuck in the physical attacks meta with barely any magic attacks.
<< Anonymous(SE|Bappy)
Anonymous Reply
Not really, I didn't unlock protect nor shell, she still will not use full-life and raise.
<< Anonymous
SE|Bappy Reply
If that's the case, it means that there is a problem with her AI prioritization... since she's a Spellblade, she is very aggressive and attempts to run forward every turn.
<< Anonymous(SE|Bappy)
Anonymous Reply
well QoL update is incoming. I think her full life will be prioritized now..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah sure, in your dream...
oh look at that, my waifu just went to tier S.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
everyone are S tier nowadays...
Hey guys, I got Freyvia, and got het to lv 89, cause nrg wanst good to me, but I still wanna use her, so idk which would be the best set of abilites she shoulkd have on, like, is ok to get and lvl up chiken blade and silence blade? on the sub white mage should I get protect and shell? and what would be the better build for her since shes slow. thanks a lot!
<< Anonymous(Yors)
Anonymous Reply
For white mage, I will avoid protect and shell if you have someone in your team that prefer to buff in the beginning of battle, because them will be buff each other and themselves. And honestly, I don't know what silence status do.
Sam Pace
She is needed at LB5 as she has a passive that increases buffs an additional turn(which applies to her lb and tmr)
That is 2 turns! At 80% increase mag damage and spells costing a fraction.
I’m telling you this chick is something else at lvl99
<< Anonymous(Sam Pace)
Anonymous Reply
don't need LB5 for gain the access to Emerald Echo
Lol. No one here probably even has fryevia and saying she is trash. Lol. I have her max shafted/awakens. Just going to 99. She’s going to be a beast, especially with my team. And anyone “saving” for a unit that will be in the pool forever is a fool. Save your viz for limited units that will not come back. All you need is to pull one unit and just get the shards over time. Lol
<< Anonymous
GachaGachaGot-cha Reply
If you like her go ahead, I dont see her in my team. I rather pull for WoL because I dont have tank and Agrias. I didnt play the game when Orlandeau was event collab was out, feelsbadman.

Also I pulled Rain and got him LB4 lv.89 so yeah Fryevia is weak to Rain because of element
<< Anonymous
GachaGachaGot-cha Reply
Also I got Whisper lv. 99, she does well with her spellblade subjob, so spellblade unit wise I already have her.
<< Anonymous(GachaGachaGot-cha)
Anonymous Reply
@GachaGachaGot-cha, Exactly. Fryevia ain't worth shyt as a limited unit with a non-unique main-job. She's not worth using your hard saved visores on as she's more like an honorary 'LE' unit. A Lucia or Fred who's in the normal pool could easily take care of Fryevia before she even reaches the party.
<< Anonymous
DonKeso Reply
Do consider that Fryevia is aimed as a toy for spenders. And spenders usually have all gear/means nessecary to make Fryevia shine.

For a f2p she will probably not perform well. But for someone that have a variety or TMR's, espers and high level cards, it will be different.

The worst part for me is the damn unit interference (Sterne/Shadowlynx) in the Shop and Whimsy Shop. Less Fry shards
At first she seems nothing special, then you realise she can fit a few roles:

1. Anti magic user - plenty of magic resist skills and a taunt to get them to focus on her. Could be useful for some Brutal and Tower stages.

2. Anti wind - On top of being an Ice hero, her main skills give her Wind Eater, making her deal huge damage to Wind units.

3. Sub healer for Tower - Decent healer skills paired with 2 Revive KO unit skills make her a great choice.

4. Perfect partner for Mediena - has plenty of damaging skills for elemental combos and could take Green mage sub to apply Spirit down skill to really apply increase both their damage output.
<< Anonymous(C3PhO)
Moonshot Reply
I think the thing to consider with any units is that i feel they come out to cater to the things to come, like we had Lucia drop and everything was gunner focused immediately after when it came to GB and Arena. From what I understand on the next GB And Arena Maps we are going to be looking at units more mag-centric and melee, and the gunners will not be flavor of the month.
<< Anonymous(Moonshot)
Moonshot Reply
I think Fryevia will flourish in the next gb and arena map, and a team with her, mediena and _______ might be troublesome especially for the people who will try to hold onto their old gunner ways.
<< Anonymous(Moonshot)
Anonymous Reply
That will no longer be the case if you switched out some passive skills from Fred/Lucia for the + range ones, and the ranger sub-job. You overlook the fact that the mages/spellblade has little to negative resistance to missile, and no def to hold their grounds against missiles. It's a different story if you had tanks, but Lucia could do decent work to your tanks, along side with a tank of your own
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
to aggro hits from your mages until your tank is down and your missiles could make short work of your mages all over again.
using nasha+fryevia+mediena on my main team, and shes fine as spellblade main and sub, dont ever try put other sub job, just like nasha, they cant act as a proper support on auto.

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