Lara Croft

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update 03/08/2022
Lara Croft
English Lara Croft
Job 1Tomb Raider
Job 2Gunner
Job 3Ranger
RelationTomb Raider
Time LimitedYes
Release Date (JP)
Release Date (GL)Sept 2021


Lara Croft is an evasive, speedy, and crit-based Water ranged damage dealer. With 3 different yet similar jobs, she does end up fulfilling the role of a ranged damage dealer quite nicely. Being able to get up to +3 range, having the Reflex counter ability, and the benefits of the main job abilities which gives her some high evasion plus missile/defense piercing rate and a phys barrier break.

She has very high evasion through her passive and Double Bullet, and very high crit rate through her stats + her signature weapon Laras Dual Pistols. With some proper gear and vc setup, she can reach alarmingly high levels of them. Main downside to all this is that she only has 1 area attack, and it's Barrage from ranger sub job.

You can build a full mono water missile units since Viktora (Winter) and Creysse exists, and she kind of works well with Tidus since he's also speed and crit based water unit.

Trust Master Reward

Limit Burst

Ability Type Limit Burst
Effect TypePhysical Physical
Attack TypeMissile Missile
ElementWater Water
EffectDeals 3-Hit Dmg (L) to target & lowers own Hate.

Range Height2
Area Height0

Master Ability

Master Ability 1

Water Unit Allies' Max HP +10% / Water Attack +15, own Missile Attack Res Piercing Rate +15 / Evasion Rate +5

Master Ability 2

Own Critical Dmg +25% / Evasion Rate +15

Max Stats

Lvl 99, All JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on Ability Board

ATK +57
AGI +7
DEX +49
Luck +53
Critical Rate+10

Lvl 120, EX JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on EX Job Ability Board

ATK +17
DEX +12
Luck +41
Critical Rate+7
Max Damage+2000
Max Level+21

EX Job Skills

Command Double Bullet: Expert

Deals 2-Hit Dmg (L) & raises own Evasion Rate for 3 turns.

Command Dead Eye

Raises own Missile Attack Res Piercing Rate for 3 turns, then deals Dmg (M) to target.

Support Ace Adventurer

Raises own DEF Piercing Rate/Evasion Rate/Critical Hit Rate.

Tomb Raider Main Skills

Command Rapid Fire

Deals Dmg (S) to target.

Command Adrenaline

Recovers own AP & raises ATK of allies within area around self for 3 turns.

Command Steady Shot

Deals Dmg (M) to target & chance of inflicting Blind for 3 turns & Piercing.

Command Double Bullet

Deals 2-Hit Dmg (L) & raises own Evasion Rate for 3 turns.

Command True Shot

Destroys any barrier that reduces Phys Dmg on target, then deals Dmg (M) & recovers own AP on critical hit

Tomb Raider Sub Skills

Command Open Wound

Deals 2-Hit Dmg (M) to target & lowers Bravery for 3 turns & Piercing.

Command Triple Shot

Deals 3-Hit Dmg (M) to target & chance of inflicting Poison for 3 turns.

Support Breath Control

Raises own DEF Piercing Rate/Evasion Rate.

Reaction Lightfoot

Chance of preemptively raising own Evasion Rate for 3 turns when taking Phys Attack Dmg.

Gunner Sub Skills

Command Aimed Fire

Raises Missile ATK of allies within area around self for 3 turns & Range +1.

Command Blackout

Deals Dmg (S) to target & chance of inflicting Blind for 3 turns.

Command Leg Shot

Deals Missile Dmg (S) to target & chance of inflicting Immobilize for 3 turns.

Command Counsel

Raises Critical Hit Rate of allies within area around self for 3 turns.

Command Sidewinder

Deals Missile Dmg (M) to target & Piercing & bestows Beast Killer.

Command Vitals Shot

Deals Dmg (M) to target with high chance of Critical Hit & 1-panel Knockback.

Support Concentrate

Range +2 & lowers Evasion Rate.

Support Missile Mastery

Raises Missile ATK.

Reaction Counter Shot

Chance of Counterattack when taking Dmg.

Ranger Sub Skills

Command Poison Arrow

Deals Dmg (S) to target & chance of inflicting Poison for 3 turns.

Command Charge

Deals Dmg (S) to target.

Command Vigilance

Significantly raises own Evasion Rate for 1 turn & lowers own All Elemental Res and All Attack Res.

Command Sharpshoot

Deals Dmg (M) to target & Guaranteed Hit.

Command Super Charge

Deals Dmg (M) to target.

Command Barrage

Deals Dmg (M) to targets within range.

Support Ranger Lore

Range +1 & raises Accuracy Rate.

Support Focus

Significantly reduces Activation Time & raises Missile ATK.

Reaction Reflex

Chance of evading all attacks.


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic


ParalyzeConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharm
Slow StopImmobilizeDisableBerserk


Awakening Materials
SoulWater Fragment of ThoughtWater Awakening PrismRainbow Fragment of ThoughtRainbow Vision Sphere
Water Awakening Soul  2★


Water Awakening Soul  3★


Water Awakening Soul  4★


Water Awakening Soul  5★


Water Awakening Soul  6★



Limit Break

Limit BreakRainbow Vision SphereShard


Hot New Top
new best mono evasion comp with lara.

Lara= ranger subjob
ace adventure, concentrate, relfex
tetra esper, 25 years vision, dark odin subvision. Pistols, crow cloak, bewitching boots(evade agi truststones)= 145 evade, 462 luck, 113 agi + reflex

Pharm= ranger subjob
shadow runner, blade soul , reflex
demon chimera, kraken vision, intersecting destinies sub vision
Kuroksami, crow cloak, adventure bandana(agi evade sets)= 141 evade, 445 luck, 102 agi + reflex

Celes= Red mage subjob
imp. magitech knight, undefeated gen. res.
magic reflex
golden ahriman esper, shiva, a vow to meet again subvision
celes sword, survival vest, steel maidens necklace.

celes tanks like a beast, and the other 2 just do their thing. Evade isnt out of the meta entirely.this team imo is better than light evade. the visions and gear make it interstellar.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
btw my trust stones are not maxed so the potential for higher stats is still to be seen.
i know she is not exist in JP
but not even tier list !?
is Miranda & Ildyra far better !?
Look up evasion water mono on youtube. this is her niche. tidus, pharm, croft evasion comp. almost garenteed team wide evasion each turn.
Is there any chance for her banner comeback?
<< Anonymous(newbie)
Anonymous Reply
Well, they just sold the rights last week so very unlikely. Doesn't mean they won't but there are more hurdles now.
<< Anonymous(newbie)
Me Reply
Wait 4 years later, probably
<< Anonymous(Me)
Van Darkholme Reply
oh yeah? and what now
Upgrades to her ma2 and Dual pistols are Extremely good on an already good unit. Do not sleep on her.
shes back! i slept on her before but im not missing this again. shes actually an amazing unit all things considered.
Incorrect description. Steady shot is also an aoe.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Isnt really AOE, but pierce through enemy behind..
do you guys hate big chungus?
Gumi appealed to all the simps.
<< Anonymous
Your mother Reply
They've been doing that long before this
Lara thoughts
My thoughts:
- Lara has no guaranteed hits
- Is an earth gunner. Earth is under powered at the moment
- Might be good for pvm dodging monsters
<< Anonymous(Lara thoughts)
Anonymous Reply
she's a water unit, not an earth gunner
<< Anonymous(Lara thoughts)
Anonymous Reply
She has Sharpshoot in Ranger subjob, and is water. Also has high luck, passive EVA-Up a VC that gives 35% luck as well as missile attack, and can also use Niv'lu's TMR which gives 15 evade and the large aoe Evasion buff. One of her attack skills is also a (L) 2-hit which raises her evasion. I wouldn't count her out! Sure, Cloud and Frederika can most likely delete her but there's always a counter!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this. She is gonna be underappreciated because of Elena coming out, and Im hoping not too many actually pull her. Her, Falm, and Aerith are gonna make a nasty evade comp.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It’s also smart to get the VC that comes with Miranda’s EX cuz it gives some evasion and lightning resistance
Should I pull?
Free to play user here. Should I pull for her? I like Aoe attack characters.
<< Anonymous(Should I pull?)
no Reply
she only has 1 aoe skill, barrage from subjob ranger
<< Anonymous(Should I pull?)
Anonymous Reply
Her skills mostly target single enemy, better save for elena
skip it , don't waste your vis on it

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