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UR unit list and UR tier list for War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (WotVFFBE). Best UR unit, PvP, PvE, farming.
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update 27/08/2022
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UR Tier List

Notice: This tier list also includes units on JP server and takes their EX 120 abilities into consideration. Units are not sorted from best to worst.

Missing units, wrong ratings, or any input can be given in the comments.

SS: Gamechangers / Meta Defining.
S: Top tier.
A+: Good outside of mono teams and has useful buff/debuffs to help the party.
A: Fairly standard, but still good in mono teams.
B: Situational.
C: Outdated.

If you want to reroll the game, check the reroll page instead, since this list includes many limited time units that are not available in the gacha pool.


Helena (Black-Robed Witch) Little Leela (Beautiful Blade) Starlight Elena Locke Celes Alstoria Cloud Oberon Heindler


Lightning Hope Queen of Hourne, Machérie Esther Dark Fina Eliza Sadali Crysthea Moore the Merrier Resnick Violet Joker Terra Ibara Luartha (Winter) Bellis Lanan Jume Mont (King of Leonis) Duane Aranea Noctis Jayden Little Leela (Halloween) Yuna Charlotte Lara Croft Zazan the Unkillable Salire (Sweetheart)


Sterne (Knight of Ruin) Ildyra (Valentine) Glaciela (Dress Up) Setia 2B Elsirelle (Summer) Warrior of Light Queen Golbez Lucio Thancred Tifa Tidus Viktora (Winter) 9S Frederika (Halloween) Gilgamesh Auron Prompto Kain Kitone Fryevia Whisper Aerith Kilphe (Summer Swimsuit) Ildyra Remure Rain Lasswell Minwu Garvall Vinera Fennes Louelle Moore Engelbert Rafale Niv Lu Sakura


Frederika Luartha Ayaka Miranda Valouch Rairyuu (Halloween) Verlic Glaciela Rayches Corwell Lu・cia Xiza Barret Muraga Fennes Falm Lameiga Velne Gargas Camillo Vinera (Winter) Elsirelle Robb Hourne Viktora Mediena


Rosa Sterne Leonis Skahal Kitone (Summer) Lilyth (Summer) Ramada (Winter) Macherie (Winter) Oelde Leonis Rhaldor Howlet Yerma Macherie Hourne Kilphe Agrias Orlandeau Cecil (Paladin) Aileen


Ramza Delita Oldoa

List of UR Units


Hot New Top
Why is Lara back in S tier. WVik >>> Lara. Lara kinda sucks actually.
<< Anonymous(Brad)
Bob Dole Reply
She is good at hitting evade and worked well with Celes. You'll see her with Astrius and Celes frequently in the top 500 arena now.
<< Anonymous(Brad)
Serenoa Reply
Lara is definitely S. Probably you havent seen one that's built correctly. Fought Lara in top 200 yesterday, she wrecked my Jeume Elena Locke team with barrage. Very accurate, and also you can't hit her evasion build if you are not investing HEAVILY on accuracy or doesnt have guaranteed hit.

Honestly I see more Lara then WVik lately, but imo Wvik should be S as well. Dispel spread is always good.
good to heard that SSS is coming out soon with seipheroth and squall
Luckily i ald got 4 SS char and add Yuna as support. No wonder all the mission is quite easy like peanut
Astria is the best unit currently and gonna stay for many mission until SE decide to make a new char like seiphorth
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it gonna be a few month since astria just been released
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
SE gonna make some new mission and quest where the use of Astria will be great needed
BRH is no where near SS any more sadly. Astria is definitely the best unit in the game followed by Velis
Violet is easily as good as Locke. I use them both and she is insane
Leni Robredo
Valentines Ildyra is unranked huh. I think she is A base on her skill kit.
This tier list is mostly based on value, which also often determines their longevity or relevance in the meta, with a slight insight from JP meta because their version is months ahead of global. Yes, it is slightly weighted in PvP since you always have the option to choose lower difficulty to farm for gears in PvE.

Units in A or B tier can still take on SS tier units with "the right setup", but requires more investment compared to higher tier units that already have good stats or abilities before taking vc or team setup into consideration.

Many of their positions are definitely debatable since there can be no objective tier list for this, but all criticisms are welcomed, so feel free to post any reasoning for why a unit should be higher or lower.
<< Uroucyon_GameA
Anonymous Reply
Thank you for your works. It definitely helps me as a new player, at least in general.
<< Uroucyon_GameA
Anonymous Reply
Forgive me but I don't see why pvp should be taken into account at all. If you try to climb, you will see the best units and you will see them often. PVE is where a player is totally in the dark about units they haven't currently invested in.
My Opinion as competitive player:

Oberon should stay in SS, so dangerous especially when built with high accuracy (Caelum VC GG)

Also I think lara is S, dont have her myself but she's one of those units that can easily take down my Elena. She used to be S, why now A when she's much more used in every PVP modes than before?

S.Elsi in A perhaps. Only has one guaranteed and thats her LB. Magic attack easily took her down.

Oh and I see that Terra is S now. So Agree.
This list is cow🔥...i use 1 single fully upgraded Oldoa can easily defected 3 team SS character PVP...
Thank you for your comments
Curious Eater Man
This tier list is pure based on pvp. The game isn't only based on pvp. There are A tier there that can defeat some SS and S tier. Frederika and Sterne Liones are some of them with the right espers and VC.

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