Secret Book of Refinement

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update 31/03/2020

Table of contents

English (EN)Secrets of the Forge
Japanese (日本語)精錬の秘伝書

How to Use

Secrets of the Forge is used to awakeng equipments (weapons, armors, and accessories).

How to Get

It can be obtained from Get Weapon Scrolls events and MogShop.



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Thanks for the global community for voting a weird char, i truly appreciate it.
Lurkers Guild ID: 702411215 Rank: Plat 1 Statues 6/5/5/6/4 Members 27/30 No requirements, ...
more like oldoa's apron 2.0 since it only give you 5% AP per turn, but can be used twice... ...
How many shards needed to max him?
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