Dario Hourn

Dario Hourn in War of the Visions: Fainal Fantasy Brave Exvius, Rating, Tier, Stats, Ability, Strategy.
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update 28/02/2020
Dario Hourn
English (EN)Dario Hourn
Japanese (日本語)未来を憂う哲学者
RaritySSRJob 1Rune Knight
TypeWindJob 2Ninja
AffiliationHourneJob 3Paladin

Trust Master Reward


Lvl99, All JobLv Max

TP96Magic 158

Stats Bonus on Ability Board


Master Ability


Job1: Rune Knight Abilities

Action Aero BladeDeals small Wind magic damage to the target & extra damage against Earth-type unitLv.1
Action Bio BladeDeals moderate magic damage to the target & has a chance to inflict Poison to itLv.1
Support Earth Elements ProtectionIncreases resistance to magic attack・earth elemental attackJobLv.3
Action Magic ResistIncreases magic resistance for 3 turns to self and allies within areaJobLv.3
Reaction Magic GuardHas a chance to reduce magic damage when magic attack is takenJobLv.3
Action Attract SpellDeals small magic damage to units within area & increases chance of being targeted for self for 3 turnsJobLv.5
Action Silence BladeDeals moderate magic damage to the target & has a chance to inflict Silence to it for 3 turns★5
Action Magic BarrierApply a barrier reducing magic damage to self★6
Action Chicken BladeDeals moderate magic damage to the target & has a chance to decrease Brave for it★6
Action Aeroga BladeDeals Wind magic damage to units within are & extra damage against Earth-type unit★6

Job2: Ninja Abilities

Action HideDecrease the chance of being attacked for 3 turnsJobLv.3
Support Shadow RunIncreases Speed・LuckJobLv.3
Reaction Poison Sting CounterHas a chance to inflict Poison to the attacker when damage is taken★3
Action ShurikenDeals small non-elemental damage to the target★3
Action FutonDeals moderate wind damage to the target★3
Action ShadowbindDeals small damage to the target & has a chance to inflict Stop to it★5
Support ShukuchiMove・Jump+1★5
Action Poison Cloud JutsuHas a chance to inflict Poison to units within area & moves the caster to the selected panel★6
Action KassatsuIncreases own accuracy significantly & grants 100% critical rate for a turn★6

Job3: Paladin Abilities

Support Crusader's WardIncreases Max HP・DEF★4
Action Divine GraceIncreases Max HP for self and allies within area & restores that amount of HP★4
Action Blade BashDeals moderate damage to the target & has a chance to inflict Stun★4
Action Saint HealRestores small HP for self★4
Action Saint WallGrants self a barrier decreasing physical damage for 3 times★5 & JobLv.12
Action Sentinel Increases own DEF・SPR siginificantly & decreases Evasion siginificantly for 1 turn★6
Action Attaract BladeDeals heavy damage to units within area & increases chance of being targeted for self for 3 turns★6
Reaction Paladin GuardHas a chance to reduce the amount of damage when damage is taken★6


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharmSlow



Dario Hourn
Dario Hourn


Vulgarian 25days ago
Worth leveling up & buying shards for? I have come to terms with the fact that I am never going to get Vinera. My current tank is Dinglebert, but I don't have a Spellblade on my team yet.
<< Anonymous(Vulgarian)
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
If you actually aim for Vinera, you can buy UoC ticket on half-Anniversary event. So, it's worth to get Vinera's shards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply

Can I ask what UoC is?

<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Unit of choice, a ticket for you to pick out any non-limited UR unit (some units will not be available). It's 2K paid vis.
Seems like a very promising tank: Resistant to the 3 most popular attack types - Slash, Bullet, Magic (not by much, but hey); can maintain Hate with Taunting Spell; resistant to Earth (Kirufe), and can move easily to the middle of the battlefield.

In terms of HP and DEF, he's very similar to Mont, minus the HP Up passive. With the right gear, he might make a very good surprise tank.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He's neither here or there. A decent "tank" if you lack any alternatives. He's mostly a "def" tank with his board and his overall stats + mastery, but his skills are "magic tank" related, making him a little of both and not leaning to either sides.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply first he is realy my ideal tank with main+sub like that (spell blade, ninja, and Paladin)...but when you see correctly..he cant use taunting spell if you sub to paladin, because his taunting spell skill at star5 only, and yet his lv6 spell blade skill is only small range atk. the other thing, he is a wind element too, which is to much character for wind. very disapointing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You know that if you sub to Paladin he'll have Taunting blade as a skill? Its the same as Taunting Spell.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Skills like 'Taunting Blade' and 'Taunting Spell' requires for you to consume AP and strike the enemy before being able to generate the hate acquired from the skill. Meanwhile, skills that does not require AP or an enemy to strike to gain hate gains an advantage over tanks like Dario/Agrias/Engel as these units are more likely to be able to taunt right at the get-go; meaning you do not have to
Correction: Hourn becomes Hourne

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My assumption would be no. That it would lock in that ability and missile attack as well. Be in...
you will obtain R vision medal once the certain R vision card maxed. 1 shard = 1 medal
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