Gilgamesh War of the Visions: Fainal Fantasy Brave Exvius, Rating, Tier, Stats, Ability, Strategy.
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update 31/03/2020
Job 1Winged One
Job 2Time Mage
Job 3Soldier
Time LimitedNo


Cost for Performing Limit Break on Gilgamesh written by niko

【How to Get Gilgamesh Shard】
・15 shards/once from the character quest unlocked at lvl 40

・1 shard/per day (2 with daily reset that costs 50 Visiore and is unlocked at Royal Rank 6)

・5 shards/per week at the Frost Works shop on Monday, 500 visiore

・You can also rarely get his shards from snowstorm ridge choco expedition

・You can unlock another character quest at 4LB & Lv.80

【Days/Visiore Required】
・600 days if you do only hard quest everyday without reset

・300 days with daily hard quest reset (15,000 visiore required in total)

・19 shards with the purchase at the frost works shop & daily hard quest reset (850 visiore/per week)

・585 Required Shards / 19 Shards Obained per Week = 30.7 Weeks Required (585 = 600 - 15 that obtained from the character quest)

・30.7 Weeks x 850 Visiore/Per Week = 26,095 Visiore in total

Trust Master Reward

Limit Burst: Glint


Ability TypeLimitiBurst Limit Burst
Effect TypeMagic Magic
Attack TypeSlashing Slashing
ElementIce Ice
EffectDeals heavy magical damage to the target &

Range & Area

Height Range1
Height Area1

Master Ability

Master Ability 1

SPD +10%, Slashing ATK +10

Master Ability 2

HP+1000, Accuracy+15, Slashing Attack+10, Agility+10&

Max Stats

Lvl & All Job Lvl Max

TP138Magic 196

Stats Bonus on Ability Board

Critical Rate+14

Lvl 120, EX JobLv Max


Stats Bonus on EX Job Ability Board


EX Job Abilities

CommandEnhanced ExcaliburDeals Dmg (L) to target after movement to target panel and removes all Buffs.
CommandDefense BarrierRaises Magic Attack Res for self and an ally & nullify Charm・Immobilize for 3 turns.
CommandEnhanced KotetsuLowers Slash Res of targets within range for 3 turns & removes Reraise, then deals Dmg (S).

Main Command: Winged One Abilities

Action KotetsuDecreases slashing resistance to units within area & deals small damage to them Lv.1
Action Self HasteGrants self Haste for 3 turnsLv.1
Action IcebladeDeals small Ice magic damage to units within area ★6
Action Armor of BreakGrants self Barrier decreasing Physical・Magical damage for 3 turns★5
Action ExcaliburMoves to the selected panel and deals heavy damage to the target★6 & JobLv.12

Sub Command 1: Winged One Abilities

Action Healing Aura Restores HP for self and units within areaJobLv.3
Reaction First CounterCounterattacks first against physical attacksJobLv.3
Support AP Gain+ Lv1Incrases AP GainJobLv.3
Action ArmageddonIncreases Faith for self and the target for 3 turnsJobLv.5
Support Auto-FloatGrants self Float & Jump+1JobLv.5
Action HamonDeals small magic damage to the target & decreases ATK of it for 3 turns★6

Sub Command 2: Time Mage Abilities

ActionComet Deals moderate non-elemental magical damage to the target JobLv.3
SupportCT Debuff ImmunityApplies Slow・Stop・Haste・Quick immunity to selfJobLv.3
ActionImmobilizeInflicts Immobilize to the targetJobLv.3
ActionFloat Applies Flot to the target for 3 turns★3&JobLv.5
ReactionCounter SlowHas a chance to inflict Slow to the attacker when damage is taken★3
SupportRapid CastingDecreases the casting time for abilities significantly★5
ActionQuickIncreases CT for an ally by 100★5
ActionPosition SwapSwaps places with the target★6
ActionHasteIncreases CT Gain for an ally for 3 turns★6
ActionSlowDecreases CT Gain for the target for 3 turns★6

Sub Command 3: Soldier Abilities

ActionHazard FormReduces own HP & increases ATK★4
ActionOsmose ForceAbsorbs TP from the target.★4
ReactionCounter SlashCounterattacks against physical attack★4
ActionGrim ReaperDeals moderate damage to the target & has a chance to inflict Doom to it★5
ActionParalyzing EdgeDeals very small damage to the target & has a low chance to inflict Paralysis to it★6
SupportSelf-SacrificeIncreases ATK significantly & decreases Resistances to all attack types★6
ActionHard SlashDeals moderate damage to the target★6
ActionHazard SpinDecreases self HP & deals heavy damage to units within area ★6


SlashingPiercingBlunt (Striking)ShootingMagic
ConfusePetrify (Stone)ToadCharmSlow


★2Fragments of the Will of Icex10Awoken Prism of Ice x10Awoken Soul of Ice ★2x50--
★3Fragments of the Will of Icex30Awoken Prism of Ice x30Awoken Soul of Ice ★3x50Phantom Sphere of Starbowx1-
★4Fragments of the Will of Icex50Awoken Prism of Ice x60Awoken Soul of Ice ★4x50Phantom Sphere of Starbowx3Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx1
★5Fragments of the Will of Icex100Awoken Prism of Ice x120Awoken Soul of Ice ★5x50Phantom Sphere of Starbowx5Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx3
★6Fragments of the Will of Icex150Awoken Prism of Ice x150Awoken Soul of Ice ★6x50Phantom Sphere of Starbowx10Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx5
TotalFragments of the Will of Icex340Awoken Prism of Ice x370-Phantom Sphere of Starbowx19Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx9

Limit Break

Fragments of Gilgamesh
Limit BreakPhantom SphereFragments


Hot New Top
I saw Gilga after cast selfhaste and suddenly can act again with koutetsu.. is enhance self haste ability to max can make it happen? Like directly CT = 0? And do another action? Thanks
<< Anonymous(Dejavu)
Anonymous Reply
It is very possible especially if the other unit CT recovery is slow. You should notice that most of tank act slowly compared to other unit in general
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ok noted bro thnkss
<< Anonymous(Dejavu)
Janus Reply
Didn't he uses QUICKEN?
<< Anonymous(Janus)
Anonymous Reply
Quicken caster cant cast it upon themselves, so it must be either haste or self-haste
so small question about gilgi over here, is he actually suppose to be stronger than the others? why is he only taking 1 shard per hard quest and why is his shards cost double than the others?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
June 3rd!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I read it requires LB4 aswel
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the only way to get him to lvl 80 is with LB4. Fully awakened LB3 only gets you to lvl 79.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Does it mean the Sterne (Prince of Douches) KoD would likely get a 2nd master ability as well?
i really wish they put more gilgamesh shards in the shop...i'm saving visiores so i'm ready in case i find any, but those only appear on monday. so sad
Gilga is so squishy hero, but if you use his sub job timemage he is simply the best support, casting quicken/haste to your team then once he got enough AP he will cast his excalibur with (L) dmage
<< Anonymous
wes950 Reply
sounds good, but you need to lb him at least 3 times before he can get that skill
Gilgamesh or Mediena?
<< Anonymous(Marc)
wes950 Reply
i'm doing both, the difficult part is the awakening one, since they both are ice element
His second Master Ability, is it an additional Slash and SPD on top of the first? Or is it just the HP and Acc bonus?
its wired to make him so much harder to max but weaker and not useful as orlando.
judge by skill and stat he is hybrid damage dealer with low hp but doesnt have much att/mag, some char like gunner have more speed. they should make him more special or it just blunder char to max.
<< Anonymous(vic)
GOD Reply
he has two master abilities, and when he get two master abilities one at lv 40 and one at lv 80, he will have more health than Orleandu and Mont, higher speed than Sterne, very high Accuracy and god-like damge output with plus 20% slash damge
Is it worth to buy his shards in the shop or wait until we can farm them via hard mission?
<< Anonymous(Antares)
GameA1 Reply
The 2 basics of this game are:

1. Get a unit you want from the summons.

2. Once you get the unit, stop spending Visiore for summoning. Instead, purhcase shards of that unit at the regular shop, daily shop, and the event shops.

It finally depends on how you play this game though.
<< Anonymous
Devs Reply
I think 120 days. Because you need 600 shards.

120 days • 5 shards/day = 600 shards

More or less 4 months.
<< Anonymous(Devs)
asd Reply
100 vision for 1 shards. mean i need around 60000 visions to fully LB. and -120 vision if you hard quest everyday. so meaning you need only 48000 visioners ( 480 visions ) to fully upgrades
<< Anonymous(Devs)
Devs Reply
My mistake.
It's almost 600 days for the daily shard. Cuz you can get 1 shard daily.
How do you get Gilgamesh's master ability 2?
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
You have to make it reach Lvl 80. Also, that master ability was added about 3months after the relase of the game.
<< GameA1
ciel00 Reply
is he the only one with master 2 in JP?
<< Anonymous(ciel00)
GameA1 Reply
Yes at this point.
Gilgamesh is god because he is floating but the others is not because they are stepping, lol.
Is there a bug or something with his Healing Aura skill? I've unlocked it but it's not on the skill list during battles.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That’s just how the class system works, healing is one of Winged one class ability so if you select sub-command to time mage or soldier, the healing skill won’t show up
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Many thanks!

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