People are having misconceptions that maxing this guy will take you almost 2 years because of his 1 shard a day hard quest, thus 600 shards = 600 days. This is a pretty dumb argument as you can buy 5 shards guaranteed a week not including that it may pop up randomly in refresh and whimsy even if chances are low when he is not rated up in a featured banner. I maxed mine in 3 months. Did not buy his shard when the game was first released and he was first featured because I was still skeptical and new to the game and did not know anything, but I did his shard quest every day and even pulled dupes of him, then the featured banner came and I was able to max limit broken him shortly after. If I had started working on him since the game started, I'd have probably maxed him out way sooner. So the longer you delay because you are scared that he's too expensive or too hard to max, then the longer you are missing out on an extremely great unit that's literally a must in every single slash oriented team (literally 80% of the players I'd assume). If you can save 30-60k vis for a limited unit as a F2P, you can do it for Gilgamesh.
Also if you see a “Select UR Shard Ticket” in the shop then buy it. You can get 40 Gilgamesh shards for 2k.
I really wish someone else poited out that what you said is based on individual luck.
sure, 1 shard a day is dumb, as you can also buy his 5 weekly shards in the ice shop, but really? His chances to pop up anytime in whimsy and regular shop, as well as in expeditions is so low that you must be blessed by your life before you can even hope to get him there, or even pull dupes of him.
Really, if you maxed him out in 3 months you are either a whale, or a very lucky guy. I've been playing 4 months straight and got him only as far as LB4 and it'll still take me until mid november to MLB him. This said, i bough his shards every chance i got, but still the time needed to max Gilg out is undeniable. Your reprimand is mostly based on void motivations.
<< Anonymous(wes950)
Yea, to max him in 3 months you would need close to 50shards per week, average.

That's EXTREMELY lucky with whimsy shop.

Having said that, I worked on my greg from day one Global and just maxed him. That's with 4 random dupe pulls, though
<< Anonymous
Damn, that's 6 months with lucky dupes
<< Anonymous(wes950)
Im a f2p and got Gilga on the first week, and im its almost full lb (today 21/11, 117 shards), i only bought that Job Crystal... just got lucky on this gatcha
<< Anonymous
notwes950 12days ago
That means ur a dolphin dumbass


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