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Seiten 4
Gumi is scum, make farming a total waste of time and drag, to sell you the weapon +5 for 3k visore. Scum...pure scum...should focus on gameplay and not nickle and dime stupid stuff like farming and +5 gear.
Atk 134, should be 154 come on GUMI!
Ribbon rerun plz gumi
You trash thats why
carbuncle vc has an ability?
wow chicken
Hey all how does this card work ? does Man Eater only activates when we use a skill with Physical Attack or how ?
Ribbon 12
sage hat & elf cloak
Sugoi nee-san
Golbez 5
Absolutely, especialy for dark team build
Thanks for clarifying this. She’s still listed as a limited unit.
Rafale 3
40% pierce is pretty significant.
Unfortunately, Robb's EX improvements almost force you to choose samurai as your sub job, so this turns out to be not quite the right weapon for him. Kinda have to stick with purple lightning.
i saw the other day that she will be selection quest that's why i wonder why they said she will be summon unit this time
counter chance increased from 20% to 30%, HP absorbed increased from 50% to 86%
He's literally ranked as SS-tier on Altima??
Varush 6
Except Elena is 100 times better than him.
The EX improvement to devotion is quite good, and you lose that with lancer sub-job. Depends on the circumstances, I guess. Lancer is a way to get around very heavy slash resistance.
She will trash cid. He can’t even hit her she is a evade unit. I can tell u dnt pvp
@@@ these things
so if the barrier don't get destroyed, it will still last for only 3 turns?
Armors 1
Please add a link to Platinum helm. You can get to it via google search (on this site) but it's there's no link from this page.
Skahal 20
Thx for the info. He could have been the perfect unit for those missions if it wasn't for this issue.
Somebody needs a hug <(^.^)>
You don't need the the hate card. Put up to 3 party members, whose faith should be raised, in the first slots, and Fina in the last slot.
Quasar 8
this is a magic attack gun not physical
Fenrir in general pool bro
does the ai use this on auto?
Aerith 29
Dude u tripping hard .Her tmr is one of the best in game. It’s aoe unit res. Most top 1000 cm players are using single res and aoe res to survive in battle. Healers need res a lot so they can keep healing units and stay alive. Try fighting a opponent that’s 50%+ aoe res And is caring aoe at u and see how you do.
Is that a lot?
I hope one day summer Elsie will get all the benefits of this
i hope we'll get this vc on rerun
this card is very important for light units
can aerith use the skill?
need 100 cost oelde to end brh meta
I don't know who tom rider is, but lara croft (tomb raider) is unfortunately not meta.
red means it's a buff to a certain element only.
Lowers AP consumption 20%. You Moose-knuckle!
Is it actually possible to build a +200 atk for the assault type? Asking because that's the third time i tried, using attack boost on enhanced every single time, smithing 10 times for attack and i was like years away from that stat (always around 160 atk, more or less). It is just impossible and i should just go for critical instead, or i'm doing something wrong? It seems impossible for me to reach that value in 50 levels, even tho assault has pity on the attack stats. It should increase at least 3 for attack every single level.
Rosa 36
and buff to her ice arrow passive buff
Taking care of a orphan with your brother.hey no that's @@@ lol
Chakra 4
Magic stat unfortunately
will be looking into it.
does the hp buff stack with choco earrings hp buff?


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Locke 1
What is the best VC/Espers for Him?
Thanks! Good gun-combo indeed
Celes 3
waifu or not if she is a game changer i got for her
Cayanne 10
Into a cutscene he used a knife. And into a battle with him like an ally, he is fire.
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