Steel Maiden's Necklace

Iron Princess' Necklace in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. How to get, how to craft, recipe for crafting, stats, effect and ability.
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update 23/02/2021

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Iron Princess' Necklace
English (EN)Steel Maiden's Necklace
Japanese (日本語)鉄姫のネックレス

How to Get

Machérie Hourne's trust master reward

Macherie Hourne


underrated tmr. Pretty good in auto pvp. If cast to your tank, both tank and caster have 30% reduction to physical and magic type. I've seen whisper buff with this in auto and it will take some time to 🔥 her especially while dark fina heals her every time she survive while sephiroths killing everyone with his insane aoe.

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