Excalibur in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Stats, ability, effect, how to craft, recipe for crafting, and how to get.
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update 10/01/2020


How to get Excalibur?
<< Anonymous(Simone)
Anonymous Reply
It's from Pre-registration reward
<< Anonymous
anonimo Reply
r u for realss ? demet
The in-game text implies that it is great for a specific character (unknown), not the rest... dunno if it's TRUE or just a lore
<< Anonymous(Mellowman)
Clay Reply
Equip Excalibur on Mont Leonis
<< Anonymous(Clay)
ODSTxGundam Reply
Does it do anything special for him?
<< Anonymous(ODSTxGundam)
Anonymous Reply
No. This sword would just be a piece of garbage after you've gotten other farmable MR swords etc.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I completely disagree. I prefer Excalibur over my Nagnarok for pvp with Englbert. Less damage, but high ACC/crit which is great against the evade meta.

Also means I can use the second equipment slot for a something like mythril helm (10 evade), rather than alexandrites ring. Which makes him even tankier than before, while still having a decent damage output.

It all depends on your situation.
Hi everyone for Excalibur it's say it's reward
Can u pls explain me how to get it ??
<< Anonymous(Endkeaper)
Luckster Reply
It's from Pre-registration reward

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Setia 6
She is a great unit for class match for sure... it really is a shame she don't have any guar...
Varush 5
his normal attack is magical, it's 100 times better than elena's
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