Gauntlet of Light | Accessory

Gauntlet of Light accessory in wotvffbe. Stats, how to get, trust master rewrad, and warrior of light.
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update 05/04/2020
Gauntlet of Light
EnglishGauntlet of Light




Divine Light

EffectRaises own Max HP for 3 turns & recovers the amount of HP raised & TP auto recover
Use Limit1
Height Range0
Height Area0

How to Get

Warrior of Light's trust master reward.

Warrior of Light

Events & Campaigns


Anonymous 5days ago
This is an OP TMR. The stats aren’t why you’re using this. It’s because you get healing, tp and ap for 3 turns. It’s like xixa’s tmr on steroids.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
doesn't work like that. You only get TP for 3 turns

You get higher max HP (for 3 turns) and it restores HP to cover the increase (once!)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21hour ago Reply
The HP raise is like Divine Grace, it is not Healing. And if you put this on him, he uses it over Brave Presence, which would make him NOT gaining any Hate and risk your other DPS getting killed first turn.
Jb 2days ago
tmr description is wrong. Theres no hp regen.
<< Anonymous(Jb)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
I think you might be reading it wrong.
It says it increases max HP and restores that amount HP. (as in once) - then there are 3 turns of TP regen.
Does not say there are 3 turns of HP auto-recover, it does for AP
Anonymous 6days ago
Its a pretty meh TMR - the stats aren't amazing.

But good thing about the TMR is that the HP boost/regen is 30% at lvl one.

Ends up being a good chunk of HP on a tankier character for no investment into the skill. Also it is great for increasing the damage on a "Drain force" build
TP auto recover? I guess that's pretty useful for WoL since he has that many skills that requires so much TP.

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This tier list is trash. Go to jp website instead.
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