Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaign

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaign in wotvffbe. Login bonus, challenge mission, featured summon, UR guaranteed summon, event shop, and medal shop.
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Upcoming Unit/Vision Card Release Schedule
update 04/04/2020
Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns
First Release Date (JP, JST)2020 March 25th
First Release Date (GL, PST)2020 July 29th

Featured Unit & Vision Card

Warrior of Light Warmech

Commemorate Login Bonus

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns

You can get 3,000 Visiore as login bonus in total.

Challenge Mission

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns
Quest MissionReward
Advance in the FF1 Event Quest IEXP Cube large x20
Level Up a UnitGrowth Egg R x30
Enhance an AbilityNRG Restore M x20
Attempt a Cooperative QuestBurst Pot x10
Advance in the FF1 Event Quest IIIStory Skip Ticket x20
Pay a visit to the ShopGrowth Egg SR x20
Enhance a Guild Statue White Magicite L x20
Join to a GuildNRG Restore L x5
Advance in the FF1 Event Quest IIArmor Pot x5
Line RewardsReward
1-LineVisiore x100
2-LineVisiore x100
3-LineVisiore x100
4-LineVisiore x100
5-LineVisiore x100
6-LineVisiore x100
7-LineVisiore x100
8-LineRainbow Vision Sphere x1

Limited Time Chocobo Expedition Area

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns

Warriof of Light Shard Armor of Light Crafting Recipe FF1 Event Medal Red Magicite S Red Magicite M Red Magicite L Red Magicite XL Faint Memory (Green) Faint Memory (Blue) Faint Memory (Purple) Light Awakening Soul  6★ Light Awakening Soul  5★ Light Awakening Soul  4★ Light Awakening Soul  3★ Light Awakening Soul  2★ Light Fragment of Thought Growth Egg R EXP Cube mid

Event Commemorate Summon

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns
Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns

UR Guaranteed Summons

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns
Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns

You can roll 1 UR Unit Guaranteed Summon and 1UR Vision Card Guaranteed Summon once for each. You have to spend 2,000 Paid Visiore for those summons.

Warrior of Light Limited Time Hard Quest

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns

Once you get Warrior of Light, you can unlcok this hard quest. You can attempt it once a day and up to 50 Warrior of Light Shards are obtained.

Visiore Consumption Bonus

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns

Depending on the amount of Visior consumed, you'll get items and LOW Shard as rewards. Claim them in the Mission menu.

Event Shop

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns
ItemGil・VisioreTrade Limit
Warrior of Light Packx12,000 Paid Visiore3
Warriof of Light Shardx402,000 Visiore3
Warmech Shardx251,250 Visiore1
Light Soul ★2~4 Pack (Light Awoken Soul★4x50・★3x50・★2x50)x1500,000 Gil1
Fragments of the Will of Lightx101,000 Visiore5
Warriof of Light Memory (Blue)x15,000 Gil1
Warriof of Light Memory (Green)x12,500 Gil1
Awoken Soul of Light ★6x10200 Visiore5
Awoken Soul of Light ★5x1050 Visiore5
Pyroxene of Light・Scarletx20400 Visiore1
Pyroxene of Light・Citronx20100 Visiore1
Pyroxene of Light・Violetx20200,000 Gil1
Pyroxene of Light・Azurex20100,000 Gil1
Pyroxene of Light・Jadex2050,000 Gil1

Event Medal Shop (MogShop)

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns
ItemMedalTrade Limit
Warriof of Light Memory (Red)x18005
Warriof of Light Memory (Yellow)x14004
Orange Magicite Lx15050
Light Blue Magicite Lx15050
White Magicite Lx15050
Purple Magiite Lx15050
Green Magicite Lx15050
Red Magicite Lx15050
Blue Magicite Lx15050
Yellow Magicite Lx15050
Phantom Sphere of Starbowx15,0001
Phantom Sphere of Sapphirex12,5003
Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx15,0001
Fire Fragment of Thoughtx125040
Ice Fragment of Thoughtx125040
Wind Fragment of Thoughtx125040
Earth Fragment of Thoughtx125040
Earth Fragment of Thoughtx125040
Water Fragment of Thoughtx125040
Light Fragment of Thoughtx125040
Dark Fragment of Thoughtx125040
Fire Awakening Prismx125040
Ice Awakening Prism x125040
Wind Awakening Prismx125040
Earth Awakening Prismx125040
Thunder Awakening Prismx125040
Water Awakening Prismx125040
Light Awakening Prismx125040
Dark Awakening Prismx125040
Hammer of Reforgingx15,0003
Mythril Orex1300300
Heart of Pleasurex1200999
Light Crystx1100300
Armor of Light Crafting Recipex11,00099
Life Seal x130020
Spirit Sealx130020
Defense Sealx130020
Skill Sealx130020
Damage Sealx130020
Secrets of the Forge (Armor)x1500999
Ampotx110010 Per Day
Burst Potx110010 Per Day
Adamantite largex15010 Per Day
Adamantite midx13010 Per Day
Adamantite smallx11510 Per Day
EXP Cube extremex12005 Per Day
EXP Cube largex15010 Per Day
EXP Cube midx13010 Per Day
EXP Cube smallx11510 Per Day
Gil Turtle largex12010 Per Day
Gil Turtle midx1510 Per Day
Gil Turtle smallx1110 Per Day
Grow Egg SRx15010 Per Day
Grow Egg Rx13010 Per Day
Grow Egg Nx11510 Per Day
Faint Memory (Red)x15003 Per Day
Faint Memory (Yellow)x11005 Per Day
Faint Memory (Purple)x15010 Per Day
Faint Memory (Blue)x12010 Per DAY

Summon Medal Shop (MogShop)

Final Fantasy 1 Collaboration Campaigns

You can trade the medals obtained from the Warrior of Light Pick Up Summon for rare items. Check the Mogshop as well.


Ignoring WoL and just taking the Free Visiore for the FF7 event... It's free real estate
[This image is being checked...]
limited characters event will be back?
<< Anonymous(nico)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, but FF1 still didn't have any rerun in JP yet.
So 600 character shards to Max LB, if we get:
120 from the shop
70 from visiore consumption bonus
50 from the hard quest
Will the other 360 shards come from the choco hunts only or is there some other way to get them (other than re-rolls)?
<< Anonymous(BtkChaosReaper)
Anonymous Reply
Here's what you want saved up for the WORSE CASE scenario:

120 from shop: 6000
70 from consumption bonus: 50000
50 hard quest: 0
360 shop: 18000

24000 for shards
50000 for summons
74000 total minimum

Chocobo Expeditions & Mog Shop Summon Medals (not 100% sure) can reduce this cost. 50000 doesn't guarantee a pull and if you do get WoL before 50000 then don't summon and use it on shards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not quite. The 18,000 and 6,000 would form part of the 50,000. That would leave you 24,000 to pull WOL which works out at a 62% chance to max at 50,000 assuming the 18K works out. After that you get roughly another 2-3% chance for each additional 2,000.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is really bad, first day of WOL, had no shards from regular shops and whimsy shops at all. Refreshed 3 times with the free, 10 vis and 50 vis. Instead of getting WOL shards we are getting the featured summon shards and the drop rates at matoya caves, 0 WOL shards and armour recipe for 1 whole day even using some +2 hr chocobo tickets.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
First time, huh?
Could anyone elaborate on the contents of the "Warrior of Light Pack"?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think it's like the Ramza one. 40 shards + rainbow sphere and awakening mats
<< Anonymous
Izsaell Reply
Si, if hoy buy this without having The Warrior of light do you hey It? I remember that with ramza you could buy him.
<< Anonymous(Izsaell)
Anonymous Reply
Nope. This particular pack can be purchased thrice. Meaning they should only contain his shards and not the unit. WoL can only be obtained via summoning.
Has there been any comment or precedent from SE on whether limited characters will cycle back around again? ie Will this come back for round 2 in a years time so we can potentially max the shards. (without bankrupting ourselves)
<< Anonymous
JeuffD Reply
They have (so far) cycled the Final Fantasy Tactics and the Final Fantasy XIV collaborations. They have set the precedent that you will have another chance to grab shards. Both of these have cycled around during the first year of the game, so very possible FF I follows suit!
do we know the drop rate of the Limited Time Chocobo Expedition Area
Was it possible to buy Warrior of Light with summon medals like Ramza from de FFT Collaboration event?
<< Anonymous(Iser)
Anonymous Reply
When is the expected date for warrior of light?
<< Anonymous(Peel)
Anonymous Reply
Late June.
So - how do you actually obtain WOL?
<< Anonymous(Wraithbane)
GameA1 Reply
?? It's a limited time unit from the featured summon as shown on this page.

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looks like a miss but whatevs. you get the unit lol
Ranell 5
same, damn
Yuna 73
yes they do re-releases. You'll see her again just may take a year.
Yes because the highest acc
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