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So 600 character shards to Max LB, if we get: 120 from the shop 70 from visiore consumption bonus 50 from the hard quest Will the other 360 shards come from the choco hunts only or is there some other way to get them (other than re-rolls)?
WimShop and Regular shop. Make sure u get the free replenish on the shop for another chance to buy another 5 shards. Just to let you know it's going to cost a lot of visionary so save up
<< Anonymous(BtkChaosReaper)
Here's what you want saved up for the WORSE CASE scenario:

120 from shop: 6000
70 from consumption bonus: 50000
50 hard quest: 0
360 shop: 18000

24000 for shards
50000 for summons
74000 total minimum

Chocobo Expeditions & Mog Shop Summon Medals (not 100% sure) can reduce this cost. 50000 doesn't guarantee a pull and if you do get WoL before 50000 then don't summon and use it on shards
<< Anonymous
Not quite. The 18,000 and 6,000 would form part of the 50,000. That would leave you 24,000 to pull WOL which works out at a 62% chance to max at 50,000 assuming the 18K works out. After that you get roughly another 2-3% chance for each additional 2,000.
This is really bad, first day of WOL, had no shards from regular shops and whimsy shops at all. Refreshed 3 times with the free, 10 vis and 50 vis. Instead of getting WOL shards we are getting the featured summon shards and the drop rates at matoya caves, 0 WOL shards and armour recipe for 1 whole day even using some +2 hr chocobo tickets.
<< Anonymous
First time, huh?


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