Peacetime Brooch

Not broken at all
Ahahaha... Sure deny 50 points of magic resist (I don't know if even Rain has this much) and raise own magic by 40%. Cool...
You do realize its piercing rate right? That means 50% not 50 points. So if someone has 50% magic rate it pierces half of it. Maybe understand mechanics before commenting
<< Anonymous
50% magic resist*
People are awful sensitive over an edge case tmr in a game with very limited competitive content
<< Anonymous
I am the ERADICATOR. I climb the PVP ladder one game at a time. Today, you were my rung, Anonymous!

Don't try to follow me. I have a cab waiting.

<< Anonymous
That's weird, it says your name is Anonymous.


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Resol 2
cuz the whole thing revolves on the fact that she is a liar
Lucia in A is probably Black Rose Helena? BR Helena isnt anywhere on the list.
need an active guild i have 3s 140 lvl ready to push up the game !
Counter chance 80%, I mean.
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