Ramada (Winter)

Will ramada xmas be free gift or Simmons only ?
If she getting buff, maybe you still need to summon. But I think we will get GLEX x-mas units.
<< Anonymous
You're kidding. We're probably gonna be getting a UR Santa Zazan on Xmas instead of a chic waifu thanks to the poor choices the community had made.
<< Anonymous
I think we will get christine or kryla as x-mas units
<< Anonymous
I doubt that. They'd have to find an excuse (an event if you will)to stuff in Zazan w/o placing Global too far behind the JP server, so I feel that he's going to come out as a Xmas unit. Meanwhile Xmas Ramada and Machi is way too outclassed at this stage of the game(they appeared not too long after the game was released in JP so they were fine at that stage of the game)so unlikely they'l be Global
Jajajaja Zazan XMAS FTW !!


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