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Whoever is coming up with these tiers has no idea what they are doing
The fact that his shards are so incredibly difficult to get to 600 keeps him bouncing between SS and A class.
<< Anonymous
Tiers are based on how effective each unit on max level wtf are you talking about?
<< Anonymous
if you would keep reading under the tier list, he states that he consideres the shard availabiltiy.
<< Anonymous
They shouldn't consider it though, that's missleading, main concept is literally rate the character potential
<< Anonymous
Ivalice Boy
This is actually true, the tier list should be considering how powerful or helpful the unit will be for the player disregarding the shards. they should create a new tier list for characters shards considered if they still want it.


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Varush 5
his normal attack is magical, it's 100 times better than elena's
The EX improvement to devotion is quite good, and you lose that with lancer sub-job. Depends on ...
Unfortunately, Robb's EX improvements almost force you to choose samurai as your sub job, so...
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