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Guild Name: DreamExtreme(But if we merge we will take yours) ID: 1539309056. Statues: 5.8/5/5/5 Ranking: Platinum III Hello, my player name is MAJL&HJAL, and I recently became guild leader of DreamExtreme. Just like many other guilds we suffer from a lack of active players. That's why I would like to propose a guild merger. All of our statues are lvl 5 (serpent close to 6), so we have 30 member spots, but only 20 members. Almost all of them log in daily, but we haven’t had an attendance of 20 for more than a week. It’s quite frustrating to be 1 or 2 attendances short of 50 vis (or 60 once serpent is at lvl 6). That’s why we are offering the following: If you have 10 active members left, let us know you want to merge, disband your guild, join ours, and I will give up my leadership position and let you determine our new guildname. So rather than losing a guild, your guild will gain 20 members, all statues lvl 5 and platinum III ranking. If you’re interested, please discuss this with your guild and reply here. Best regards, MAJL
Is there really no guild prepared to merge? We have 11 spots left. You can determine the name.
How’s the merging going?
<< Anonymous
Well, we haven’t had any merge offers so far. So that’s a bit disappointing. We’re down to 18 active members.
<< Anonymous(MAJL&HJAL)
Have you thought about breaking the guild up? I would imagine it’s difficult to generate interest these days.
<< Anonymous(MAJL&HJAL)
We are also down to 18 active members. Would you be willing to merge and bring 13-14 of your top members over in a merge (I could make room as a couple members of mine are borderline).
<< Anonymous(MAJL&HJAL)
I posted our guild details above.
WhiskeyWolf#1538 (discord) LVL 13
Shinra Co.
my statues are 5,5,5,6. Dimond 2. Our guild just merged with a higher ranking guild. I stayed back to rebuild. Your guys are more than welcom to come over. Im 10/30 atm(merge just happened). I am lvl 134 mxed out almost everything, have been active since day 1 never missed one day. We are super friendly and not competitive, just have fun
<< Anonymous(WhiskeyWolf)
Guild Name: Shinra Co.
Guild ID: 822710297
Guild Rank: Diamond II
Statues: 5/5/5/6
<< Anonymous
Dear NerdNight and WhiskeyWolf,

Thanks for your replies. I am willing to leave my guild and merge with yours. I will discuss it with my members and will get back to you asap.
<< Anonymous(MAJL&HJAL)
Okay NerdNight, We currently are 18/30 strong. possibly got more joining. contact me on discord to better coordinate. WhiskeyWolf#1538
<< Anonymous
Update: we (former DreamExtreme) decided to join Shinra Co, and are happy to say we are 27 active members strong.

Of course it felt a bit strange to leave your own guild, but it turned out great for us. Thanks again for replying to this post, WhiskeyWolf :)
<< Anonymous(MAJL & HJAL)
No problem!
So can I ask hows the merging coming along?

My guild is also 17/30 members.. if you guys disband or what, can come join us

Guild ID: 200232844
Guild Name: Sector VII
Statue: 5/5.8/5/5
League: Plat I
Rank: 80 and above

No obligations, just sharing and hoping that someone will join my guild too.. :(


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