Alexandrite Ring

Mr. Alexandrite
So with an AIM type, you can potentially have 40 accuracy? Is that correct?
That is correct
Even without, you're expected ACC is +20 just from maxing it. That, alone, defeats Kitone's built-in +15EVA. The rest can be up to DEX/Luck vs AGI/Luck. I guess what I'm trying to say is Critical might be the best type for this ring... when you can max it out. If you can't max it out, Aim would be the more reliable build since you'd still require extra ACC wherever possible.
<< Anonymous(MAN.Bappy)
Curious crafter
So the stat rng is constant not like mr equipment?
Why would I take aim type? I dont see how aim works and how it can be a good status... I dont see many miss atack in game. I'm going for critical type and I wont + it.
<< Anonymous
obviously you never met evade team yet on arena, critical is fine though for casual player
<< Anonymous
i see you never came across a kitone with evasion build. aim on this ring counters a sage hat alone.


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I mean, her design IS nice, but so far, competitively speaking, she seems underwhelming.
That's too much slash resistance together with her support ability.
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