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Why you put thancred at S? Since he doesnt have limit break, and his stats quite lower than sterne (i build both and compare their stats) is there any special skill or am i missing something?
Thank you for your question. First having limit break won't affect the ratings for melee physical attackers probably. They rarely use that in battle.

Second, Thancred has lower ATK, AGI, DEX than Stern's. However, in terms of HP, DEF, Thancred wins. It's a kind of tank units.

As a tank unit, Thancred's abilities like Heart of stone, Aurora, Camouflage, and Nubula works very fine with his role.
<< GameA1
Third, Thancred's Shard can be obtained by trading medals for it. Meaning you can limit break it without spending Visiore.
<< GameA1
Fourth, you have to see the unit's cost carefully. Some units have different costs event though their ratiy are same. High cost basically means that unit's potential. There is only 1 another 100 cost unit, Gilgamesh.
<< GameA1
Okay understandable..thx for explaining :)
Thats whay i thought beacuse i was so atk oriented
So basically he's more versatile
<< GameA1
This medals you said, is the goetia you got in the events quest? Is there any other way to get his shard after the events end?
<< Anonymous(Lorimu)
Wait until the event occurs again, means you have to wait till next year
<< Anonymous
The wotv official has not mentioned when the event reruns. So the next year is possible.


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Varush 5
his normal attack is magical, it's 100 times better than elena's
The EX improvement to devotion is quite good, and you lose that with lancer sub-job. Depends on ...
Unfortunately, Robb's EX improvements almost force you to choose samurai as your sub job, so...
She will trash cid. He can’t even hit her she is a evade unit. I can tell u dnt pvp
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