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Best class easy limit break + awaken early top on pvp because of him
but is he worth to invest?
<< Anonymous(dzcocc)
For the memes yes.

But for the sake of discussion:
high crit rate and accuracy above average agility and high mobility maxing out 6 moves + 3 jump.

Notable sub class thief
Farming items additional items through steal.

Pvp runs into a player and confused dagger dealing moderate dmg and sometimes confusion making an enemy unit attack it's allies.
can u post a full stat on Zazan? Thanks
<< Anonymous(Meme)
Don't forget his Jamming Edge! This guy seems like a pretty awesome utility kit.

Confusion, stunning, stealing, slow, charm, blind, huge range, good agi, easy to LB. There aren't too many water types competing for your attention, either.
<< Anonymous(ZazanForPresident)
here lv 98 stat
[This image is being checked...]
<< Anonymous(Meme)
H2O Water
You’re overselling him too much.

1) Above average agility? Above average agility versus what exactly? The loading screen? He’s the slowest unit.

2) He won’t have enough AP at the start of the round to use Confuse Dagger

3) 6 move is fantastic, but what is he basically going to do after moving 6 sqaures? That’s right, sit like a duck after his next turn comes around after 408,019 years.
<< Anonymous(Meme)
H2O Water
I’ll give him Steal Heart and general Thief skills though, those are very useful.
<< Anonymous(H2O Water)
Em gouga 2 ex brutal, ele tem 82 de agilidade não sei como controlado pelo jogo


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Locke 1
What is the best VC/Espers for Him?
Thanks! Good gun-combo indeed
Celes 3
waifu or not if she is a game changer i got for her
Cayanne 10
Into a cutscene he used a knife. And into a battle with him like an ally, he is fire.
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