Oberon STAN
Great character , bad AI. Saw the AI literally using his AoE attack instead of the guaranteed hit attack making him invulnerable to evade comps. Though it gives nice debuff , priority is defeating the opponent
I'm guessing the dodger had low life and could have been killed by the AoE attack with decent %, or there was a tank nearby that was reachable with the AoE attack, or both.
"bad AI" you can say this to almost every characters available in the game.
Yup , AI usually priorities AOE unless the accuracy of the skill is too low.


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Ibara 59
Oberon can't hit any of your wind units? Cringe lol he has guaranteed hit skills, stay factu...
meh, if only this doesn't have a 50% mag up I wouldn't try to get this, Garvall's ...
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