Whisper (Sasayaki) | Unit

25 (base) + 5 (master ability) + 5 (TMR) + 16 (snow-white guard) + 8 (golden armor+5) + 15 (iron giant/odin esper) + 15 (iron giant card on ally)= 89% slash resist 1000*(.56 [from defense])*(.11)= 61.6 61.6/1000=.0616 -> .06 (rounded down) 94% DAMAGE REDUCTION FROM RAW SLASH DAMAGE!!! (w/o AoE and Penetration factored in) but she's only A tier because of low health... smh idgaf, Whisper is a fookin great tank
Instead of IG or Odin, try the Siren Esper, 25% slash res instead of 15, and 17 agi, so much faster than IG, while leaving Odin to a DPS.
Get prepared to be pierced through by "def-ignoring" missiles and pierces. Oh, did I forget to mention it only take Mediena a single go at her to completely wipe out her HP?
<< Anonymous
Nothing wrong with counters. She's good against physical damage and bad against magic, sounds fine to me.
<< Anonymous
She's a very good magik tank too
<< Anonymous
She has 47% magic resist and can go even higher thank to spellblade class.


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Actually, sterne is good cause evade still work in global ATM, it wont in a near futur. And if...
naknarok is even better if you're out of ap and using normal attacks
dec 8-15 i think ehehehe
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