At first she seems nothing special, then you realise she can fit a few roles: 1. Anti magic user - plenty of magic resist skills and a taunt to get them to focus on her. Could be useful for some Brutal and Tower stages. 2. Anti wind - On top of being an Ice hero, her main skills give her Wind Eater, making her deal huge damage to Wind units. 3. Sub healer for Tower - Decent healer skills paired with 2 Revive KO unit skills make her a great choice. 4. Perfect partner for Mediena - has plenty of damaging skills for elemental combos and could take Green mage sub to apply Spirit down skill to really apply increase both their damage output.
Yeah, she maybe not too amazing but fairly good in some situation..
Really stretching things here. She has very limited ranged options & has a horrible list of main skills, 5 of 6 being melee "blade" skills!

Points 1 & 2 apply to all Spellblades and Point 3 really isn't anything special. Some MR units will fill this role even better, especially Salire. Her reactionary and passive skills are also poor. Unless you're a fan, she is definitely not worth it.
She does fill those roles and she can fill them all simultaneously, as well. I think element synergies in particular are only just beginning to be truly relevant and will be more so down the road. This isn’t BE where we have imbues and scores of weapons of all elements and all we need to worry about is “chain family”. The strategy that can go into team composition is so much more nuanced in wotv.
Theres nothing special about her
point 1, Whisper and Ramza does better
point 2, just icing on a cake
point3, Salire, Grace, Phoebe, or even Ayaka does the same thing in regards to healing
Point 4, I would rather MLB Gilgamesh, farmable shards and less expensive than Fryevia. Being limited means you only got such limited time to buy her shards to get her to lvl99 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<< Anonymous(GachaGachaGot-cha)
But consider the fact that in points one and three you listed a two separate casts of units to fill those roles and she can do both while still being able to do damage.

And I would say her need to be next to melee range is justified by her pretty nice health pool and potential to obtain over 90% magic resistance and over 50% magic resistance at the same time.
<< Anonymous(C3PhO)
That damage resistance in consideration is also prior to her using her 50% general damage mitigation buff that would cut whatever remaining damage in half.

I would feel sorry for whatever wasted their abilities focusing on her from a distance.
<< Anonymous(C3PhO)
This game isnt going to be like FFBE where you just consider “which units are going to be better at what?” Rather, I see each unit for “what do you have the potential to do?” Lots of moving parts in this game. Units being able to be direct counters for others and units being exceptional in one piece of content and absolutely irrelevant against the same enemy just two weeks later. Resistances yeah?
<< Anonymous(C3PhO)
I think the thing to consider with any units is that i feel they come out to cater to the things to come, like we had Lucia drop and everything was gunner focused immediately after when it came to GB and Arena. From what I understand on the next GB And Arena Maps we are going to be looking at units more mag-centric and melee, and the gunners will not be flavor of the month.
<< Anonymous(Moonshot)
I think Fryevia will flourish in the next gb and arena map, and a team with her, mediena and _______ might be troublesome especially for the people who will try to hold onto their old gunner ways.
<< Anonymous(Moonshot)
That will no longer be the case if you switched out some passive skills from Fred/Lucia for the + range ones, and the ranger sub-job. You overlook the fact that the mages/spellblade has little to negative resistance to missile, and no def to hold their grounds against missiles. It's a different story if you had tanks, but Lucia could do decent work to your tanks, along side with a tank of your own
<< Anonymous
to aggro hits from your mages until your tank is down and your missiles could make short work of your mages all over again.


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And seriously this Trust Stone thingy is so much tons of work. From farming to crafting, rerollin...
It's not horrible. It's brutal )))
Thanks to this weapon that I quit the game nearly year ago after failed to upgrade it 20+ times.
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