I'm a f2p player. I have ayaka, orlandeau, frederika, king oelde, and 99 lvl gaffigarion. Now i'm looking for a ice unit. Should I get gilga or wait for agrias or something?
When you say "should I get Greg?" do you mean you have him already or you want to pull for him ?
If you don't have him, just hold on your visiore. You could pull many times and don't get him.
If you pulled him already, and you don't want to go for Mediena or Agrias, go level him. Just remember that leveling Greg cost twice as much for shards (double cost in the shop, and only 1 hard quest a day)
Hahaha you're so funny. It speaks as though you'd definitely get Agrias AND be able to max her out in the FFT2 event itself. Although Gil is a little harder to farm for his shards, at least he IS farmable.
<< Anonymous
Lasswell is coming, and he is also Ice and not a limited unit. I think anyone who wants Ice and doesn't wanna deal with Gil or limited Agrias, should aim for him.
I was thinking either Giga or Mediena for Ice, but when they roll another FFT, you can get Agrias instead. :) I got my giga at level 1 for now, but I am looking to see if i can get anyone else. I am following Cabbage advice, where I shouldn't waste time on Giga unless I have enough shards to reach max limit break. The thing is Giga Shards are the hardest to get a hold off unless you want to whale
<< Anonymous(Kane)
Dont ever chase gilgamesh considering his ultra low pull rate.The only good time to chase him is during game release banner, as other unit hasnt came out that much either and anyone can reroll as much as they want to without losing anything at that time


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Free unit that’s worth it even if only because her TMR lowers hate
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Quick review from my experiences Rhaldor is really tanky, especially if his sub-job is Paladin...
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