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How do u unlock him,, i mean how do u get the items to purchase him... i can't find the rewards of his currency anywhere
Mog Shop
u need to
u need to do the limited time quest for him still 20+ days left
<< Anonymous(u need to)
can you get him even if you're still low ranking?
<< Anonymous(Timothy)
Yes its pretty easy. I was able to do it at Rank 25
Just clear all of the event quests 5x each, you'll get enough currency to buy him. I did it with a party of 30s and borrowing a lvl 40 Med.


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Varush 5
his normal attack is magical, it's 100 times better than elena's
The EX improvement to devotion is quite good, and you lose that with lancer sub-job. Depends on ...
Unfortunately, Robb's EX improvements almost force you to choose samurai as your sub job, so...
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