Ice Lance

How does the +30 Ice Attack actually work? Is this adding damage to every attack in the element of ice damage or does it only enhance a characters ice based attacks meaning it wouldn't do much for someone like say Sosha who has no ice abilities?
The +30 Ice Attack works like so:
- It will add .30 to the multiplier for an ice skill used bye the user.
- It will not add anything towards the multiplier to non-elemental skills used by an ice user.
- It will not add anything towards the multiplier for a regular attack, as it isn't, by itself, considered an ice attack even if the user was ice elemental.
<< Anonymous(SE.Bappy)
So that means that the +30 ice attack doesn't give Viktora any bonus because she doesn't have any ice abilities...what a waste.
<< Anonymous
All of her damaging abilities have the ice element attached to it. The only thing that does not apply the +30 ice attack is her basic attacks and counters.
<< Anonymous
Nope. ice UNITS do not benefit from ice att+. Only ice element magic attacks, unless the ability specifies otherwise.
<< Anonymous
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It literally gives all of her Main Dragoon Class Abilities (Jump variations) both boosts of ice + pierce. Her other jobs only benefit from the ice boost.


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