Does she have the same problem as Ayaka where unlocking protect and shell on the tree decreases her usefulness on auto?
Yes. She has the AI of a pure healer/support. Her priorities are heal>buff>damage. She will never deal damage over support. It is incredibly lame and confusing since she was built so offensively in stats and abilities.
<< Anonymous(Graveinvite)
So white mage sub job probably isn't the he best answer huh, think I'll just keep her default then thanks for the info.
I use her as whm with only curaga enabled and it works really well like 80% of the time, but her AI is dumb as bricks
the 20% of time I lose in guild or pvp is if she is damaged she will walk next to another unit and try to cast curaga on them, with her in range of the spell, it will walk away and she will not be healed, try and fail again
Will I one hit an enemy unit? No I will cast curaga
<< Anonymous
Now you said you can "enable" curaga, meaning the rest are disabled. Are you referring to jp or did global finally get that function?
<< Anonymous
Global has the function, you press and hold the unit until you're in the settings, then press and hold the main job/subjob and it lists the abilities, that update was like 2 months ago
<< Anonymous
Thank you for this information. I had no idea it was implemented already


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