Cloud (FFVIIR)

man he sucks. he might have powerful attacks but he'll be dead before he can use them. his AGI is so low that the top tier chars would be able to do 2 turns already before he takes which is instant death for him in this high speed duane mont helena meta. if you cant withstand duane or helena or match them by turn order then you dont deserve to be at the top of the list. cloud may only be useful in hunting espers or doing raids.
Shouldn't bother pulling for him unless you just want to collect him and can afford the visiore.
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either that or if youre a FF7 fanboy like me :D
got his agi up to 104 easily. idk you're talking about. Helena Vision Card is a huge thing for teams with high agi, or ramza card.
You might've missed the +9 AGI from his board. At 68 base AGI, he's considered one of the fastest in the game.
Yeah he only needs 1 shot with esther and charlotte back up he's fine.


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just wanted to confirm ct average removes excess ct from buffs, and restores ct from debuffs? ... HOW YOU STEALING UNIT SHARD AND STEA...
Nope. He's not.
Always go critical. +15 critical bonus and a potential of 34 in the straight critical stat for a ...
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