I just wanna know, how far is mont from Engelbert? I just pulled him and is struggling to decide to train him or my recently pulled mediena. If mont can fill in for engelbert thats what i wanna know
Mont & Engel User
Given what you said about your current situation, I'd say Mont all the way.
-Mont is easier to train on the side if resources are tight;
-Mont can better protect Mediena in PvP given his superior movement to Engel;
-Mont isn't as tanky as Engel, but he can get the job done in his own right;
-Mont can easily handle Cids and Freds, just stay away from Lu'Cias and Yermas in PvP.
okay thanks I got it
<< Anonymous(Drew)
Mont is absolutely not in the same class as Engel. Lucia can one-shot Mont. You got terrible advice.
<< Anonymous
And there are dark units that are capable of one-shotting Engel. There are ever evlolving strategies to counter any unit in this game much like others. Advice doesnt become bad because you can think of a single unit to counter someone else's logic.
<< Anonymous(C3PhO)
It's bad advice. I never take monte seriously. He's no where near engelbert. It's not even kind of close.
<< Anonymous
You talk like someone who's never used 120 EX Mont and are just judging him off the fact that he's a free MR unit. Use him first before you bash him. 120 EX Mont is better than 99 Engelbert and slight worse than 120 EX Engelbert. Considering it takes significantly less time/resources to build Mont, he's definitely a good choice for new players.
<< Anonymous
herrr durrr he get's one shot by lucia,
Gee smart@ss its almost like he's weak to wind you dipsh1t. Engel gets his sh1t kicked in my my duane, KoR, or 120 Sterne.
There's elements for a reason you r3tard.
<< Anonymous
Work on your grammar first before trying to give advice to other people and calling them 'r3tards'. Must be depressing to be old, broke and stupid.
<< Anonymous
Buddy, Mont's resistances are all trash, except slash. +10% to slash, -5% to pierce, -25% to strike, -10% to missile, and -25% to magic. Reaaaallllly bad. Even 99 Englebert is better as all of his phys resistances are positive. MR Mont could be better in manual PVP though, since EX abilities give him some interesting versatility. Move down is really good in manual PVP, I think.


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