Little Leela (Halloween)

Are we going to get her in GL too? Oh, I will pull so hard for her if we do. Insane stats here even though she's going to be slightly squishy, but that TMR is insane and her LB damage multiplier will be crazy damage. Good counter for Kilphe although would want to watch out for Holy attacks.
This is probably one of the unit where we can't be sure just like Christmas Macherie and Ramada. It could be released in next four months, next year halloween or probably not released at all.
Not being released at all would be practically throwing money away.
<< Anonymous
Developers are human too. Overwork is a thing. The world is not revolves around customer's money.
<< Anonymous
For most companies, the world "is yes" revolves around customers money.
Confirmed today via YouTube update that we are getting her for Halloween as well.


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Actually, sterne is good cause evade still work in global ATM, it wont in a near futur. And if...
naknarok is even better if you're out of ap and using normal attacks
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