Blossoms in the Dark

Seems kind of meh if you've already got trousseau
It stacks with Trousseau ;)
Trousseau doesn't work on Zombie Rairyuu and Howlet, this card does.
<< Anonymous
Trousseau works on any attack or skill that damage scales its damage from the magic stat. So yes, it works on ZRaiyuu and Howlett.
<< Anonymous
This is not true. All Runeblade skills except for Drain Evocation are Slash attacks that benefit from Slash Up, and do not benefit from Magic Attack Up. Drain Evocation is Magic attack and will be the only skill that benefits from Trousseau's party bonus.
<< Anonymous(Drantzell)
VC do not stack only equipments.. VC with lower stats will be ignored
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 19days ago
Trosseau and Blossom in the Dark stacks.
it's Magic Atk Up and Man Eater on Magic Atk.
so Drain Evocation will get boosted by both cards, while Hazard Spell doesn't get boosted by any of them.


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I mean, her design IS nice, but so far, competitively speaking, she seems underwhelming.
That's too much slash resistance together with her support ability.
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