Great unit. Better than KoR Sterne imo She has high survivability. Resist to pierce and missle. Even further, Double Protection increases resist to pierce, missile. Magic guard reduce magic attack. Drain rush also boost her survivability(deals dmg and heals ⅓ of damage dealt). She also has Smokescreen to increase evade + def. Malming slash also can be a counter to Paladin sub job Her weaknesses is dark unit and strike I think i rate this chara as SS/S tier I think if there's Sakura with Elsirelle you almost has no chances to winning
Dual Gunner subjob makes her more deadly
Dont forget providence of darkness increases resistance against magic atk and dark atk too
It's good to have a positive perspective on the unit, but...

I don't think its worth a comparison to sterne, there still isn't much way to counter a bell sterne with a tank to draw aggro wipe a team in two turns, apart from having a formation that doesn't bunch up

Where sterne can be the backbone of a team, elsi is a secondary choice to support another light unit, or for new players or pve
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Yeah, it's just my opinion

KoR Sterne is really offensive but his defense is kinda low

Anyway his skillset is really powerful compared to Elsirelle. They can have a good synergy
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She's a good unit, for sure; but it doesn't make sense to compare her to KoR Sterne for several reasons. She's built like a support unit, Sterne is built like a dps. She's light and he's dark,her master ability is mainly for supporting holy units while Sterne's MA is for cutting through. I'm being kinda lazy with this comment, because it seems that it should be obvious. I mean, if you're going to


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No he’s not
She’s a must pull if youre someone looking to get a guild raid title using a lightning chai...
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