it seems that pugilist's skills will work best if he act as a tank, and he can be used as a tank only with paladin sub job to get access to AP consuming taunting blade. in the end, xiza's bell is very essential for him, i guess.
Yea i think you wanna sub paladin job but i don't think u wanna use him as a main tank cos he really isn't that tanky. You probably wanna use his as a damager dealer as he can one punch quite a number of heroes like Howlett. But im not sure how strong he is, will need more time to observe him. He will be very strong at the moment because i don't think there is any strike resistance vision card atm
<< Anonymous
Not tanky huh?? Are u sure?? He is the best physical tank after engelbert in jpn right now and i have all the ur tank unit except agrias, so i know how tanky he is..
<< Anonymous
Yes, please reply to that 16 days ago when a new hero just released. if you are so smart, do give your opinions on the day when new units release.
<< Anonymous
How does his tanking stack up to Thancred?
<< Anonymous


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Rafale should not be on the list…
Lol why?
Guild: Eurekan Ward Leader: Appa Guild ID: 2470352982 Division: Aries III Statues...
What is the recommendation for this item - Vital, Barrier, or Shield? TY in advance.
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