I'm planning to purchase something in the game. Any suggestion?

What should I invest my money into? Which one is the most cost efficient?


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I've not made any in-app purchases so far. However I recommend you to spend money for summoning UR units you want, trading shards (fragments) of that units at the shop, and obtaining awakening materials (rainbow shards, starbow sphere) .

To unlock 2x speed battle, you have to reach Royal (vip) rank 8. You can also spend money for that goal. 

Don't spend your money for purchasing EXP cubes, getting metal slayer at the special shop, and obtaining ramada or macherie unit at the special shop. It will be waste of your money unfortunately.

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You can use nameless hero memory instead, because gaff is limited hero and the event already over
Lucia 63
I spend 10K and stop for now
only increase the dmg on ice units or ice atks, so nasha for example can benefit for using it for...
Guild: RevStardust Guild ID: 1113950063 Statues: 3/2/3/2 Required rank: 40 and above Curren...
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