Stat stacking question

I understand that stats don't stack between equipment and that you are only given the highest value of each stat.

Does this also apply to DEF/SPR/MAG/ATK?

For example if Orlandeau equips his 2 pieces of armor that give him DEF, will they stack?

Or if Mediana equips a staff with high MAG as well as a helm that gives minimal MAG--will the MAG from the helm be canceled out or will it stack.

Thanks for the help.


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How about negative stats?
There is an update in JP that allows stacking of stats, but at diminishing returns.
As I understand it, yes, it applies to all stats for all equipment.
I tested DEF, MAG, EVASION and others. Only the largest among them is assigned.
ex: TMR Mount 8 DEF + common armor 3 DEF = 8 DEF
is not added
everything no . except those items like evasion + in enhancing equipmnt

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