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Hi everyone!! We are a sincere Guild that is in the rebuilding phase (after removal of deadwood) to get back into the Diamond League. We are looking for committed players who are willing to spent just few minutes daily to participate in the guild war. If you are what who we are looking for, please join us!! you need not be a whale, shark, dolphin etc.. you can be a F2P, but just rank 80 and up!! So join is!! If your guild is dying, and would like to merge, do consider us too!! We are friendly and helpful and you will enjoy the journey with us!! Guild ID: 200232844 Guild Name: Sector VII Discord: Statue: 5/5.8/5/5 League: Plat I Members:16/30 Rank: 80 and above We look forward to seeing you join our growing family!!
One more thing.. Beginners pls feel free to join as long as over lvl 80. There are NO other requirements such +5 gears or max lvl VC/Espers.. Simply join and grow with us! You can take your time to improve on your squads too!! Join us!!
Your server link is inactive here is ours
<< Anonymous(Elijah)
we are done recruiting, went from 11/30 to 30/30 after recruiting and merging :)
Old Baba
Hello..I m new, Sory to ask this question why must rank 80? Is there any benefit in rank 80.. easy for me to get rank 80, but if my army are not even LV 80 what for
<< Anonymous(Old Baba)
^Not the recruiter, but rank 80 usually means that your unit is kinda strong enough to be in Platinum Guild battle and you won't be leaving the game that fast. Low rank usually belong to new player that might be just trying the game, and might be leaving without notice that could harm the guild battle


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Ribbon 11
Any other equips with evasion stats?
Seiten 2
i crafted the magic, kinda want the crit, what a drag to farm another one. I hate gumi, why make ...
It’s made for Hallo Fred but notice that there is 2 earth hallo units so It’s cool
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