Steel-Plated Destruction, Aigaion

Don't forget that this is at max lv so most people won't have access to this, and it'll be mostly the orca to whale players
Don't worry, most people don't have any vis left
It only costs 1250 for 25 shards, 3750 for 2*, 7.5 for 3*, 15k for 4*
at 2* you'll probably get at least 12% each, worth for landos and howletts to do half now and half on rerun.
This is why you don't buy every unit as soon as they came out.
The fact this wasn't limited should give you enough time to save by times the shard came out once again.


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I mean, her design IS nice, but so far, competitively speaking, she seems underwhelming.
That's too much slash resistance together with her support ability.
Rhapsody Family IS RECRUITING...and potentially looking for a merge? Hit us up if you think we ca...
Red-Eyes White Dragon
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