Aigaion (Vision Card)

Aigaion vision card in wotvffbe. Stats, effect, party ability, events, and release date.
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New UR Unit: Rairyuu (Halloween)
update 11/07/2020

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Time LimitedNo
Release Date (JP)2020 July
Release Date (GL)

Max Stats

4★, Lv.99

EffectsIgnore Slash Attack Res +20
Party AbilitySlash Attack+25, Accuracy+15



Anonymous 14days ago
if they change titan they myte change this in global too since this card is so Over power,
Anonymous 15days ago
Question is, will the ignore slash atk res go below 0%? Like if the unit has -10% res will it become -30%? Because if that's the case then this card is broken af.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
It's say "penetration"
This is like +40 slash attack...
<< Anonymous
Sephiroth Reply
+45 actually
<< Anonymous
Rich Reply
This might work differently. I believe this reduces the targets slash resistance by 20%, and then boosts slash by 25. This could be a lot more affective than a straight 45 slash
This VC is hella broken
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Evade teams can be easily taken care of with a couple of rangers with sharpshoot.
<< Anonymous
Telm Reply
Cutting Slash Resist by 20% is pretty broken too. Most people building for that have Iron Giant right now and it's only 15%. The game is already so bursty and this thing makes it that much harder. I think 10% ignore would have been plenty.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Building a ranger team takes more resources than using accuracy VC and equipment tho.
<< Anonymous(Telm)
Rich Reply
By the time this comes out a lot of people will be playing with pierce teams due to Glacia & Kain. I believe it's currently magic teams are the meta in JP. It's possible they added this card to help balance a few things out
Wow. Way to make 'Echoing Screams' obsolete...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Agreed, i think this is the first time they released another UR vision card with the same or even better abilities. If they keep releasing 2 abilities in one vision card, time to throw or forget about upgrading all those vision cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or you can also throw the game all together

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This is clearly Sakura's scythe, but how does one obtain it?
Anything is better then Macherie. A harem is always ideal, but very rarely ever happens. Glacie...
yes and guess what?? siren is S tier
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