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Ranger Lore only works with Ranger skills and all of this character's decent skills are locked behind Level 6 Awakening. This char is so slow that you forget she is in your party until it's her turn to move again and everything has moved 6 spaces away. Can't 🔥 anything on her own, either. I know SR units are not supposed to be top tier characters... but this unit is literally unplayable dog🔥 until max awakening. For which I hope you have about 5000 JP saved up to unlock all at the same time, because it is an actual metric 🔥ton of useful game-changing stuff for this unit. Rainbow Shards do not grow on trees, folks. Choose your units wisely. This one is not the one.
I got destroyed by a single sosha unit tho the other day i had 3 MRs at lv 79 and sosha was maxed ,she had one cleric for protect and fina for aim skill ,and her horizontal jump was tremendously far!killed my mages and left mont standing she barely won but it was an epic fight
<< Anonymous
Yeah dont sleep on Sosha, she's a decent PvP unit, got passives got skills, but after a few months those URs will be getting lv99 and Sosha will have to sit down
Hey looking forward to clear the current raid event in global, made me think to lvlup her due the raid boss is earth element, do you thinking she could be useful to clear the boss lv 20+, attm im using Orlandeau, sterne, gaffgarion & monts all +89
<< Anonymous(Solid)
Yup, Sosha with Charge shot is doing 8500k-9999k damage hits when chaining. Shes actually really good like most units when maxed. The problem is, do you really want to spend rainbow, prism and thought shards on a unit like her and then later pull Lu'Cia or Yerma?
<< Anonymous(BadAlchemy)
You can always get more shards of rainbow, prisms and what not, but getting Lu'Cia or Yerma on the final day of their banner and then having nothing to gain after that because its too late to get their personal shards? Yeah, I'm sticking to Sosha She's my hardest hitter.


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Wait 4 years later, probably
This spear come along with oberon release. Just wait sometimes recipe appears on shop & whim...
Perhaps You need to lower her bravery 60 or lower. It work for me to prevent missile type unit to...
No idea, is seems resnick, ayaka or yuna doesnt even need this. Id think this staff is useful fo...
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